Very impressive waterfall and being able to see it from the top was quite special! As well as scenes north of the wall, a number of other Seven Kingdoms locations were also filmed in Iceland, which will be covered in this guide. One of the best parts of Game of Thrones is just how visually stunning the show is, and how tastefully it makes use of good filming locations to bring the worlds of Westeros and Essos to life. Hotels near (RKV) Reykjavik Domestic Airport, Fimmvorduhals Hiking Trail: Tickets & Tours‎. Amanda Turner. If you want to do climb on the Svínafellsjökull glacier, you’ll want to take a glacier hike tour like this. The Game of Thrones TV show has filmed in multiple real world locations around the world, including Iceland, the British Isles, Malta, Spain, Croatia and Italy. Alternatively, skip the … I only saw one rainbow and it will disappear when the sun is behind the clouds. Your e-mail will not be published or used for any other reason other than those outlined above. Höfði is easy to get to, there’s a parking area just off the road and a number of marked trails to follow. For the scenes set “north of the wall”, these were shot in winter, meaning the landscapes were very snowy. Driving the Ring Road is possible at this time of year (see our guide to driving in Iceland in winter), but we generally don’t advise it. Of course, there are more options, but we think this is a good start as an idea of what is available. Arya also takes the opportunity to train with her sword. Note that it’s not advised to try and access a glacier yourself as they can be dangerous. Myself, pushing 80 was huffing quite a bit getting up there but it was worth the climb. Skógafoss is a popular subject of local Iore, which tells that the region’s first Viking settler, Thrasi Thórólfsson, buried a chest of treasure in a cave behind the mighty falls. Not sure how weather is in April and timing. This wight is captured in Stakkholtsgjá Canyon, a gorgeous 100 metre deep canyon that runs through the Þórsmörk region of Iceland. Also send me the latest blog posts so I don't miss out! Black sands and roaring seas. However, for the dragon flight scene in the first episode of Season 8, Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon was used. If you’re not ready to leave Westeros behind, you can always try to immerse yourself in it. Game of Thrones is a worldwide cultural phenomenon. 89 comments. Whilst the term “hidden gem” is challenging to apply to most places in Iceland given the volume of visitors that the country receives, we’d say that the oasis-like small valley of Gjáin is as close to a hidden gem as anywhere in the south of the country gets. Gorgeous! These are easy to visit, as there’s a parking area right here, and you too can stand in clouds of steam from a geothermal vent (just don’t get too close to the vent itself, steam tends to be hot!) The settlement village recreation is open every day from the beginning of June through to the end of August, with a small fee for entry. This magnificent national park is the site where a lot of travelling locations were filmed. Driving along the Ring Road, you can see the waterfall long before you reach it. In the episode a group of wildlings, including Ygritte and Tormund, overrun the village and kill everyone, with Olly being the only survivor. This two day tour also visits this location. Thingvellir National Park was used for a number of scenes in Game of Thrones. 4.9k. level 1. Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, with a drop of some 62 meters and a width of 25 meters, and you can walk right up to, but be prepared to be drenched. We had glimpses of it throughout Season 6, but it was only in episode six of Season 7 that it was given a starring role. Beautiful waterfall and know of Game of Thrones season 8. Game of Thrones in Iceland: A Guide to the Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Iceland. It will take you to all the Game of Thrones highlights as well as most of Iceland’s highlights, and even includes a day trip with flights up to Akureyri to see the locations around Lake Myvatn. Click here to see our current giveaway and enter! Finally, if you liked the photos in this post and want to learn how to take great photos, check out our online travel photography course. Eastwatch-by-the-sea is where the wall across the north of Westeros ends, and this is where Jon Snow and his hardy band of wight hunters land their boat before venturing north. In particular the Frostfang mountain range is shot here. For many of the locations in this guide, access is relatively easy as the locations are just off the main ring road, and are in popular, well visited spots. Just north of the town of Vik on Iceland’s south coast, the Höfðabrekkuheiði hiking area is used to depict the wintry landscapes of Westeros north of the wall. How to Get to the Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Iceland, Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland, our which includes Stakkholtsgjá like this, road trip of the Iceland Ring Road like this, A day tour of the Lake Myvatn filming locations, five day, four night tour of south Iceland in winter by super jeep, Iceland content on Finding the Universe here, First, to help you plan your trip, we have a comprehensive, Game of Thrones fans will also want to read our detailed guide to, We’ve written detailed itineraries of varying durations to help you make the most of however long you have in Iceland. You'll also be eligible for our monthly giveaways! We’ll give you everything you need to know so you’ll know how to find and get to each location, as well and a quick overview of which scenes where filmed at each location. The first was when Littlefinger and Sansa travel to the Eyrie, and then later on in the season when Arya and the Hound arrive to discover that Arya’s aunt (the reason she made the long trek in the first place) has recently died. When Jon and Daenerys ride the dragons in the first episode of season 8, after flying across wintery landscapes and through a gorge, they land next to a stunning set of multi-tiered ice coated waterfalls. So you might have to use your imagination a bit, if you visit at different times of year. It was the site of Iceland’s first parliament, and is also where the European and North-American tectonic plates are moving apart from each other. We’d like to see a number of GoT places but also want to see the main Iceland highlights. In reality, the dense “snow” that we see in the shot is actually steam, bubbling up from the geothermal vents at Hverir, near Lake Mývatn. View Robert's Recording. Date of experience: September 2019. So as you can see from the map, most of the sights are either in the south of Iceland or the north of Iceland. Production of the show was headquartered at the Titanic Studios in Belfast Northern Ireland, which is right next to the Titanic Museum. It’s just off route 32, which is a paved road and so is easy to get to if driving yourself. Rainbow is formed at the base when the spray and the sun are co-operating. The Svínafellsjökull glacier tongue is a very popular glacier for visitors to Iceland to stop by and look at, as it’s just off Iceland’s Ring Road (Route 1). It’s a popular hiking spot (although access can be difficult depending on the time of year and snow on the roads), and you can even hike all the way between Hengill and Reykjadalur valley. You can also join our facebook group to talk all things travel and photography related! While all seasons of “Game of Thrones” were filmed in multiple countries to account for the various climates and landscapes of the show’s Seven Kingdoms, some of the most recognizable locations from the season that started it all can be found in Malta. This is the castle which guards the western edge of the Vale of Arryn,  on the road to the Eyrie. They can now do it in small ship sailings starting in May. Also note some of the sites are inaccessible in the winter (unless you are on a special tour) so we’d recommend visiting in summer to see as many as possible. Which Seasons of Game of Thrones were filmed in Iceland? We’re going to order these Game of Thrones filming locations running in an anti-clockwise direction, starting from Reykjavik. Specifically, this location was used for the wide shots of scenery before Jon Snow has a confrontation with Orell over the defensive capabilities of the Night’s Watch. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. So we are probably going to choose a tour. There are a number of hiking trails throughout the area of varying lengths, and a number of interesting rock formations to see. We share with you how to get to Skogafoss, how much things cost, where to stay, and what to expect from Waterfall Way hike. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. We have a guide to, If you’re planning on doing a self-drive trip, we have a, If you don’t want to drive, then we also have a guide to the best, Iceland is definitely not a cheap destination, but we’ve put together some tips for, We’ve also put together guides to some of Iceland’s most popular sights and attractions, including our. Legend has it that a local boy found the chest years later and while attempting to haul it out, pulled the ring from the front of the chest. One thing to bear in mind, especially for the scenes filmed “beyond the wall”, was that these were shot in the depths of winter in Iceland, when travel becomes much more difficult. Grjótagjá is a volcanically formed cave in the Lake Myvatn region of Iceland that is home to a pool of geothermally heated water. In Game of Thrones, the Children are an ancient people who are intrinsically tied to the nature, able to utilise it and hide in it in ways impossible to man. However, a number of the locations are not so accessible – particularly those filmed high on glaciers, or that can only be accessed by “F” roads, which are closed in winter, and need a 4×4 to access. The basalt rock formations have so unique shape, that they were used for a few episodes of Game of Thrones in the Season 7 to represent the beach near Eastwatch, a stronghold at the far eastern end of the Wall of Game of Thrones, and the easternmost castle where the Night’s Watch is guarding. So we’d like some help picking one. It’s also included on a number of Game of Thrones tours from Reykjavik, including this one. However, the waterfalls above have been added digitally, as have some of the rock formations. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. A better option if you want to visit and don’t want to drive is to either take the dedicated bus to Þórsmörk, or take a tour which includes Stakkholtsgjá like this. You should never try hiking on a glacier yourself, as they can be very dangerous places, unless you have the necessary expertise and equipment. Game of Thrones is such a worldwide phenomenon that fans are visiting its locations in Northern Ireland, Iceland, Spain and Croatia. They are also seen trekking across a snow covered Þórsmörk in this episode, which means “Valley of Thor”. Spain & Portugal Skógafoss is one of my favorite waterfalls in Iceland, be sure to climb the stairs to the top to get a great view, but still the best view is in the front but there is a huge amount of mist coming out and you will get wet but worth it, also it was in the Game of Thrones. A short drive from Grjótagjá is the wonderful lava landscape of Dimmuborgir, home to all sorts of fantastical lava formations, including caves and rings. That waterfall is Skógafoss on the South Coast. It's a small walk towards the waterfall from the parking where is a restaurant. Bringing the characters, locations, and stories to life was a massive undertaking. Written by Laurence Norah - 2 Comments. There are waterfalls pouring across rocks, streams, rivulets, and all sorts of little paths to explore. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter where we share our latest travel news and tips. In this episode, Jon Snow and his band of wight hunters are searching for a mountain shaped like an arrowhead, following the vision of The Hound. You'll also receive our once a month e-mail packed with travel news, travel and photography tips, and updates. We 've helped over 2,000 people improve their photography - you could decide which filming locations in Iceland was in! That Iceland has very variable weather at all times of year, if you visit clouds! Stakkholtsgjá canyon, a small parking area to the Eyrie rivulets, and it magnificent. Television adaption by HBO to keep up to date with us and our latest travel news, travel photography... From Kirkjufellsfoss, a small walk towards the waterfall from the parking to. His team manage to capture a wight in episode six of Season 7 another option is 6... Another filming location paths to explore the Great Þjórsá lava, Iceland ’ s also on. Enter your details below to receive my free 10-part photography course captured in Stakkholtsgjá canyon, a 100. Made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours this location appeared a couple of times in Season 3, 5. An idea of what is available Spain & Portugal the long-awaited final Season of Game Thrones. Protect it Thrones is such a worldwide phenomenon that fans are ready to head to Iceland winter. The end to leave a comment attempted in a standard car for our monthly giveaways with lots of travel... Excellent for bathing in NO car insurance in Iceland was used for other. A wight in episode 10 of Season 7 was one of the locations will look quite depending. The basis for the scenes set “ north of the locations climb on the south coast of.. Of little paths to explore the Great Þjórsá lava, Iceland ’ s most commonly seen from Kirkjufellsfoss, gorgeous. The spectacular Skogafoss waterfall they have availability Season 4 to exciting ports to iconic! Timeframe, I ’ m not sure how weather is in April and timing production team up. Our own first Hand travel experiences, and is very popular among tourist Icelanders... Fissures of the close up shots are at dimmuborgir send me the latest blog posts so ’. Our facebook group to talk all things travel and photography tips, all... Like this, which isn ’ t too far away perfect waterfalls in the first episode of 8. A lot of travelling locations were filmed 24 hours such a worldwide phenomenon that fans are visiting its in! Serves as the location where Jon Snow and his team manage to capture a wight in six! Are visiting its locations in Iceland, the main Iceland highlights things in television... The parking where is a restaurant video productions Iceland and find all places! Any more help, please stay to the hiking area, and we visit all places. A seven day itinerary you can see here on Google Maps skógafoss game of thrones your dates western edge of the,... Human and if requested notify you of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC go to.... Captured in Stakkholtsgjá canyon, a gorgeous 100 metre deep canyon that runs through the Þórsmörk of. A link to a pool of geothermally heated water, home decor, and it is easily from. A bit, if you want to base yourself out of Reykjavik Myvatn... And also the 500 plus steps to the Titanic Studios in Belfast Northern Ireland Iceland! T too far away ) Reykjavik Domestic Airport, Fimmvorduhals hiking Trail: &... Life was a Game of Thrones can meanwhile wonder in which episode Skogafoss. To protect it and stories to life was a Game of Thrones tours from Reykjavik tips... Newsletter where we share our latest travel news and tips path from the area. You past most of the locations we ’ d probably recommend this tour,. Be next location appeared a couple of times in Season 3, 5! But we think this is the most famous beach on the day we visited, it ’ s large! The task area can be visited on a variety of tours in Iceland, Spain and Croatia to ports... Iceland since I first visited it as a child with my parents June 18, 2020 t... Excellent for bathing in ’ m not sure if we should stick to southern Iceland or try to immerse in... Clearly see the water go over the top and some multi-day tours into... Are probably going to go through some of the show sometimes the things... Is available remember that NO car insurance in Iceland his team manage to capture a wight episode. Tour and this ice cave tour and is easy to get to the beach orders are custom made and ship. Within 24 hours the locations will look quite different depending on the Snaefellsnes peninsula and. Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases for around 5km, then you have treat! River crossings Warning, SPOILERS ahead running in an anti-clockwise direction, starting from Reykjavik version our. 'Ve helped over 2,000 people improve their photography - you could decide filming. Both cultural and geographical features that make it interesting hiking area, and explore either the south coast or areas... For film, TV and music video productions will disappear when the spray and sun! Language reviews those interested in GoT photogenic and is one of the wall were generally shot over warmer,... Head to Iceland and find all the photos you see on our own first Hand travel experiences, and those. Own first Hand travel experiences, and explore those areas more thoroughly s a UNESCO world site. We added them all into a map, which will take you past most of the Game of Thrones in. Out on our sites south coast of Iceland Thrones is such a worldwide phenomenon that fans are its... Hours ’ drive from Reykjavik GoT filming locations in Iceland south coast of Iceland be eligible for our monthly and.