The amazing beach bars of the island will give you unforgettable memories. These are the best places you can stay in Mykonos. There are definitely other hotels offering luxurious stays and private pools at a lower price point, though. The area is well-connected by buses to and from the airport and Mykonos Town and by the Sea Bus (water taxi) to the Old port at Mykonos Town and to Delos Island. It is located just a walking distance away from the bus stop and the beach, so you’ll have more time to explore the place without spending much time … 500 meters south of Mykonos Town (Chora). Where to stay in Mykonos: The Little Venice neighborhood of Mykonos Town is filled with trendy bars and hip restaurants. Thanks. What’s the best Mykonos town or beach to stay in for nightlife for a couple in their 30s? 3. There are a couple of seafront tavernas serving Greek standards and several clusters of sun loungers, but you can easily find a patch of sand to call your own. Taxis are hard to get here too – though a little easier in October. What’s a good area and hotel to stay so that we get beautiful views, and are close enough to the town and beach? There are great views of the village and the monastery from the Paleokastro nunnery, located on a hill just outside Ano Mera. Where to stay in Mykonos, can depend on many factors such as budget, taste, preferences on places to visit, and others. Thank you! CAVO PARADISO. Looking from around Agios Stefanos area to Mykonos Town. You may literally be contesting for your Mykonos accommodation with DJs, musician and all manner of celebrities so it pays to know your options well in advance. The first hotel in our recommended mid-budget hotels in where to stay in Mykonos list is the amazing Yiannaki Hotel. Platys Gialos. Compare prices of 1,458 hotels in Mykonos on KAYAK now. We are a group of 6 (3 couples) and want to enjoy nice bars and restaurants. Tharroe is walking distance to Mykonos Town (though it’s a busy road and you wouldn’t want to walk it at night). We fly into Santorini at 5 pm day 1 and then will ferry to Naxos and Mykonos the other days for more information, I would stay at Bill Coo Suites if the hotel and luxury are what you’re after. Elia Beach – Coolest Place to Stay in Mykonos. The only 2 clubs in Mykonos that are worth your visit and are not in mykonos town are: Cavo Paradiso and (obviously) Super Paradise . Of course, if riding the bus sounds unappealing, there are plenty of wonderful hotels in Mykonos Town with amazing pools. Nestled on the picturesque Megali Ammos Beach, Mykonos Bay Hotel is just steps from the island’s golden sands and crystal blue waters. Directly below the taverna is a small, sheltered cove with crystal-clear water and a tiny beach. And Paradise and Super Paradise (which have the big dance clubs) are probably not where you want to stay. Hi, your website is the best. This is the beach nearest to the New Port at Tourlos, about 2.5 km from the Old Port and about 3 km from the heart of Mykonos Town. If you’re looking for a break from the hustle, bustle … The island has to offer some of the best hotels and villas in Europe and the best area to stay might not be that obvious . Mykonos is a lively island with many characterful villages dotted across the island. We were initially planning to stay in Mykonos City but decided to stay at the beaches as it seems more convenient to hang out at the beach all day then simply get transportation to Mykonos town at night. Everything is close by.. You can feel the "Mykono's Vibes" or … The prettiest beach on the Mykonos north coast, Agios Sostis is a long, wide strip of white sand, shallow, calm water, and a few beach umbrellas. Several daily buses from Mykonos run by the steep, short access road down to Agios Ioannis, turning around in the parking lot near the picturesque Cycladic church by the sea. There are excellent bus connections to the beaches and interior villages of the island. Little Venice. Will it be warm enough to enjoy the beaches on the southside? There’s an excellent, authentic Indian restaurant nearby – Indian Palace – and the beach can be reached either by frequent shuttle from Mykonos Town or by water taxi. Mid-Range. For nightlife you’ll probably want to go into Mykonos Town. Kensho is a 5-star boutique hotel with an amazing restaurant, spa, and pool all overlooking Ornos Beach, which is just a few minutes’ walk away. There is only one restaurant here – Elia Mykonos – and it’s a good place for seafood, while the attached bar serves beers and cocktails. My partner and I are looking to go in the first week or so for 10 days, but we won’t be hiring a car. Initial Itinerary: Something relaxing but with music as well and a nice beach, nothing too busy. A minor water sports center, Psarou Beach sees windsurfers and waterskiers bouncing on the waves further away from the shore. Just 3.4km south of Mykonos Town, Ornos beach is one of the busiest beaches on the island. The streets around it are dotted with boutique hotels and guesthouses and its white sand is densely lined with sun loungers. Grace Mykonos – for the room design and location near the beach. Thanks for the great website. A two-minute walk north across the headland is the pebbly Agia Anna beach, with a couple of great seafood tavernas and a more chilled-out vibe. You will definitely no regret staying at Branco! It’s got something for everyone: families come here for the calm waters and white sand, the young, trendy crowd heads for the hip beach bars and everyone comes here to eat: the beach is lined with back-to-back restaurants serving everything from Greek standards and seafood to sophisticated fusion. Our Favourite Picks Overall Of Where To Stay In Mykonos. We were thinking of splitting time with a Hotel in Oia but my wife did not want to pack and unpack so I lost that battle. Great beach, relaxed vibe, lots of places to eat, short bus ride to Mykonos Town. Mykonos Town is roughly divided into the following areas: Chora (the heart of the village), the Old Port (quieter yet accessible), and Megali Ammos (the closest beach, about a 10-minute walk away). Mykonos town is the place with the beautiful white washed houses and the picturesque alleys that are full of cute shops and tavernas (restaurants). I won’t lie to you: you will struggle to find good affordable accommodation these days but this shouldn’t prevent you from visiting this beautiful greek island. Ofcourse, it is more expensive than other options. We are not just visitors. Perrisa is our favorite. Little Venice. The Largest Travel Blog for Santorini, Mykonos, Athens and Greece. My preference is to stay in Mykonos Town and take the bus to beach through the day. See the full list: Mykonos Town Resorts . But don’t let that deter you from staying at one of the island’s legendary beaches. It’s best to schedule taxis in advance. Inside a whitewashed, fortress-like interior, there’s a striking marble chapel filled with medieval icons. Any local beaches near Mykonos town that would be easy to get to would be great too. Bill and Coo is the best hotel in Megali Ammos. I am looking at your recommendations for Bill and Coo — but see they have 2 places now and can travel between them as well. (Not sure if there was another question in there – I couldn’t really tell what you were asking.). We currently have a superior Brancos booked (can still cancel) and it looks amazing, however when comparing some other hotels with similar prices ranges, they have private pools and so I am wondering what makes Brancos high price point worth it? Lively Paraga beach on the south coast bridges the gap between backpacker beach party central and sultry sophistication. Little Venice is one of the places in Mykonos everybody wants to see when visiting the island, well why not stay in this cute little village house with private rooftop jacuzzi. With its teal waters and end-to-end rows of sun loungers, Psarou beach is one of the island’s most popular beaches. Also known as Hora/Chora, the island capital is a charming tangle of narrow pedestrian-only streets – a real pleasure to get lost in. The best locations to stay in Mykonos are mostly on the south-west coast of the island. Mykonos is an island in the Aegean Sea that attracts more than tourists during the summer. As a final note, always have in mind that you should book your accommodation at least 6 months in advance as most hotels sell out quickly every year! Studded with beach umbrellas, this narrow sandy crescent on Mykonos’ west coast is a favourite sunset-watching spot. Thank you David. Not looking for a party scene. We love minimal decor and white – what would you recommend? There are few hotels in Ano Mera (Hotel Anatolia is the best), none of them luxurious. Taxis in Mykonos can be hard to come by; there are only 31 taxis in total serving the entire island, so there is almost always a wait at any of the official taxi stands. The beach clubs with DJs do skew younger. (Where to stay in Mykonos for nightlife) Just south of the Old Port, Little Venice is the … I’d probably give a slight edge to the rooms at Rocabella and a slight edge to the location (and definitely the views) at Tharroe. Great beach with some nightlife, beach clubs (busier through the day than at night) within walking distance, boat service to Paradise and Super Paradise, and good bus connections to Mykonos Town. So not sure which place the Suites vs Coast is a better option vs Branco Mykonos on the beach. Buses run here from Mykonos Town in summer. On the other hand, if you want to stay in a much quieter place without being close to all the fussle of Mykonos Town (which I admit, it can be too much during July and August sometimes…) you can stay at Ornos or Platis Gialos. Is that too remote to enjoy the rest of Mykonos? We plan on doing Delos (1 day), cooking class (1 day), +/- car. Mykonos Town is the iconic Greek town that gives you the best of the culture. Platis Gialos is a 4km drive south from Mykonos Town. It will be quiet in Mykonos Town during April but still plenty enough open to have some great meals and good fun. Of course, on its world-famous beaches, you’ll have opportunities to try your hand at all the usual watersports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, and … Read Also: Best Honeymoon Hotels in Santorini. Branco has its own designated, serviced beachfront with sunbeds and Bali beds just steps from the rooms on the widest section of vibrant Platys Gialos Beach. As locals will tell you, part of the movie Shirley Valentine was shot here, and it’s also where you find an excellent seafood restaurant – Hippie Fish – and a couple of boutique hotels on the hillside overlooking the Aegean. Where should we stay? Mykonos and Greece are super safe in general and you don’t have to worry too much (but that doesn’t mean you should not be careful every time you are on holidays). Then return to town in the late afternoon and get ready to enjoy the evening when Mykonos Town really comes alive. You can still stay close to Mykonos town if you want but kids would love having the beach at a walking distance…. So, you are probably wondering: Mykonos town or Ornos? This appealing sandy crescent has several beach bars and a youth hostel at one end. Numerous hotels and villas surround the beach. Cool bars, lively dance clubs, trendy wine bars. Never been to Mykonos but have been to Santorini four times and have stayed at Kamari and Perrisa. Harmony Boutique Hotel: The thing about boutique hotels is you are usually getting great service and quality for a lower price.This hotel is located right by the old harbor of Mykonos (less than 5 minutes walk to the bus station) and has a great sea view from the rooms. Here’s where to stay in Mykonos! These are the Best Cheap (but decent) hotels in Mykonos: If the famous nightlife of Mykonos is your top priority then you should stay as close to Mykonos Town as possible as it will be super easy for you to explore the famous bars and clubs. Plus, if you stay at Ornos or Platis Gialos, you can easily catch the water taxi to the farther-flung beaches to the southeast to visit their amazing beach clubs, especially Scorpios, SantAnna, and Jackie O. I was just wondering if you knew is the buses still ran early October around Mykonos? This is not the most beautiful beach in Mykonos, but it is great for swimming and protected from the winds. It is the largest town on the island and… Mykonos has a reliable bus system, especially the routes connecting Mykonos Town to Ornos Beach and Platis Gialos Beach. Content. The best beach bars and sunset bars of Mykonos are: Scorpios Mykonos ( Google Maps – Instagram ), Alemagou Mykonos ( Google Maps – Instagram). Swimming in the sea in April is possible but probably best to assume it won’t happen and be happily surprised if you get warmer than usual weather.