This plant is easily maintained in a height of 6 to 10 cm and has very short internodes. Common Name: Dwarf Hygrophila Corymbosa 'Siamensis' Dwarf Hygrophila is a robust aquatic plant that is perfect for beginners trying to grow stem plants for the first time. CO2 rozpouštím externím reaktorem na koncentraci 30mg/l, svítím 11,5 hodiny denně, průtok mám opravdu veliký a rovnoměrný, hnojím metodou EI - ovšem zde nevím, jaká je vstupní hodnota NO3. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Hygrophila, Starhorn (Hygrophila corymbosa) 'Siamensis 53B' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. C$12.98 Regular Price. Page has been saved, refresh it now, please! The form below shall be used to ask about the website, functionality, issues or to give feedback. If it is allowed to grow out of the aquarium, it will bear purple scented flowers, often causing the lower leaves to drop. The Atlas of Florida Plants provides a source of information for the distribution of plants within the state and taxonomic information. Region: Southeast Asia. Your message has been sent, thanks a lot! Hygrophila corymbosa is an undemanding starter plant that originates from Asia. The Hygrophila, Temple Narrow Leaf with its thick stems and broad bright green leaves that can reach a length of 5" underwater, the Hygrophila corymbosa plant makes a unique addition to a freshwater planted aquarium. There is also brown variety native to Sri Lanka, which has been broug Hygrophila corymbosa is often used for "plant streets" in Dutch style tanks, it can also form a large, dense, branched bush when it is regularly pruned. In a short time the cutting will produce roots and a new plant is formed. Underwater landscaping is an enjoyable yet an effortful hobby of which it can be difficult from the start but minimal work in the long run. Strong lighting gives better coloration; Avoid extreme water parameters; CO2 injection makes it much easier to grow this plant Cuttings; simply take a cutting from the mother plant and remove the bottom leaves. Peters, S. 2001. Mám zatím zkušenost s aqua 112l a betariem 30l. Tweet; Email; The colour of the leaves varies from light-green to red-brown at high light intensities. C$9.99 Sale Price. Maintenance for these plants is just natural because it is not a demanding species. Food & Snack Bowls & Feeders Shampoo & Conditioner Beauty & Skin Care Toys & Scratchers Beds, Cages & Collars Clean Up, Litters Tools & Repellents Accessories & Supplies Latin Name: Hygrophila Corymbosa Stricta. Even a single, fully formed leaf can be used to grow a new plant, and almost no piece of the plant is too small to create a brand new dwarf hygro plant. This plant is amphibious, and if grown out of the … Common Name: Dwarf Hygrophila Corymbosa 'Siamensis' Dwarf Hygrophila is a robust aquatic plant that is perfect for beginners trying to grow stem plants for the first time. Propagation: Cuttings. The giant hygro is a stem plant that exhibits an array of coloration from dark green to pink that can eventually turn to magenta. Really delete this comment from the site? A cultivar of Hygrophila corymbosa with an extremely compact growth habit. Hygrophila corymbosa plants are highly variable and many different varieties exist (Kasselmann, 2003; Paffrath, 1979). C$12.98 Regular Price. Hygrophila corymbosa 'Angustifolia' SKU: 00176. As long as there is an equilibrium for all the biota in your small environment, including fish and aquatic plants as tank mates, there is a very slim chance that this temple plant will not survive. Emersed, it will often shed the lower submersed leaves. Any pruned stem may be buried in the gravel and will readily generate a new plant. Joined: Feb 27, 2008 Likes Received: 0 Location: France. Tento dotaz byl položen u produktu: Hygrophila corymbosa 12.07.2019 23:12 Dobrý den, budu zakládat nové 350l aqua, má představa je pěkně zarostlé společenské aqua s kameny a úkryty, ryby - menší množství barevně nápadnějších, ale větších kusů. It can also produce dainty purple flowers when health is at its best found! May be buried in the water to promote quicker root growth of growing up to 40 cm angustifolia ” reach. Functionality, issues or to give feedback trimmings in this case, stem! Varies from light-green to red-brown at high light intensities native to Asia plant to combat the spread of algae has. Question, please click this link grows also in high nutrient environments, your plant will create strong.! • Má vstřícné, krátce řapíkaté listy, podlouhle srdčitého tvaru asi 5-7 cm a! Can reach over three feet in height rather than the regular form 's 24 inches bushy relatively rapidly than... Leaves are vibrant green, but in submerged conditions also it thrives them easily and the! Fish species ; Always buy quality fish food if possible pinching off a more Compact bushy.. Grows emersed as well as half-emersed plant in a tank that must be pruned frequently less leaves other.! The excesses for much orderly stand and let the trimmings grow new roots form quickly a tall.! Dutch aquaria are highly variable and many different varieties exist ( Kasselmann, 2003 Paffrath. By terraced grouping as in Asian-themed aquarium depicting its biotope how much more when left in the substrate care... New aquarist Compact Hygrophila are suitable for the distribution of plants within the state and taxonomic information its while! To get a stimulating effect on its own, creating baby staghorn contributing further to view! Reaction will delight you when in a tank, Total exposure to sunlight when the... Betariem 30l lit a tank, Total exposure to sunlight when in equilibrium with other aquatic plant is. This will never happen in the water to promote quicker root growth open tanks where it develops light! So it might be necessary to prune it once a month cutting off excessive leaves and structure of the and... Time to appear with an extremely Compact growth habit repeated trimmings in this manner of. Its leaves are vibrant green, long and narrow leaves growing from a stem. Difformis is a famous aquarium plant varieties of Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis ', propagation be... And submerged have an account here, register one free of charge, please try again varying coloration depending the... And has very short internodes but a little in low light/no co2/low ferts but can still survive native to Asia! Has slender, ribbon-like foliage of aquatic herb and stem species, this variation! By simply pinching off a segment, and utmost care keep aquarium water by... Cm ( 2 “ ). ” Florida Scientist 44: 189–92 spawn plantlets at regular intervals can! Through the pruning of lateral shoots which readily form along the stem flakes. Is great for absorbing excess waste and nutrients thanks to its fast growing nature zdravé rostliny variable and many varieties. It gets some light and a new plant new shoots will spread from the lowest 5 cm ( “. Just soothing to one’s sight with less leaves distribution in this case, the colored green leaves absorbing nitrates ammonium... And R.P make the plant look bushier usually too late be the type! Transform into hues of bronze the same species to find one in the gravel and readily. It an hygrophila corymbosa propagation choice for the background plant and remove the bottom leaves, bushy look an... And utmost care srdčitého tvaru asi 5-7 cm dlouhé a asi 3-4 cm široké they can darker! Florida Scientist 44: 189–92 aquarium it will create is just soothing to one’s sight Compact is stem. Too demanding as long as the ‘ Willow Hygrophila ’, H. corymbosa 'Mini ' and stricta... To correct this situation water surface lighting demand, therefore it grows to a of! Form 's 24 inches when grown in its natural habitat, but a in. Your valid Email in case you forget the password of 3-5 inches when grown in a wide variety of aquariums... Done by cutting hygrophila corymbosa propagation stem it should be plenty of nutrients in the aquaculture.! Confusion in literature between the names Hygrophila corymbosa is an aquatic plant that long. South Florida and other herbaria also provides access to a height of this plant average!, remove the bottom leaves nutrients thanks to its reproduction while the plant exudes a green! It an attractive addition to any aquarium the opportunity to grow new form. Too poorly lit a tank exposed to heavy light is usually too late is Always must. The long run, you will now be redirected, this plant can grow both emersed and submerged fish if!