Malibu Lagoon State Beach is 13 miles west of Santa Monica on Pacific Coast Highway (CA Hwy 1). The perfect spot for families, groups, and tourists, the beach’s main attraction is Santa Monica Pier, a place worth checking out if you really want the complete Santa Monica experience! You can use this guide to find out all the things you can do in Manhattan Beach, on the sand and in town. So many things to do make Malibu Lagoon a good choice if you like some variety, but if all you want is sand and ocean, you might like other places better. Water quality watchdog Heal the Bay doesn't monitor Point Dume State Beach, but you can check current conditions at nearby Zuma Beach to get an idea of what's going on. Whether you wish to spend some time sunbasking on your own or you plan on spending a romantic sunset with your beloved, Will Rogers State Beach is the perfect setting and strategically located between the Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Coast Highway. We offer you a selection of hotels that travellers enjoy for their vicinity to the beach, so you'll have your pick of the area's top places to stay. For the best views, either park in a 2-hour parking zone off Cliffside Drive, the road closest to the point, or, if there are no spaces, which is common, scour the nearby neighborhood for a spot. By Michael Juliano and Time Out contributors Posted: … Plan your trip to the beach with this snapshot of year-round temperatures in Los Angeles: The hottest months are usually August and September with an average temp of 73°F, while the coldest months are December and January with an average of 59°F. Point Dume State Beach is located - as you might guess from its name - on a promontory, one of the south-most points along this section of east-west-running coastline. Sheltered between sand dunes and the ocean, Point Dume provides not only a nice, sheltered beach but also some nice vistas from the top of the sand. Beaches Outdoors Points of Interest Surfing Los Angeles is the best city for experiencing the quintessential endless summer in Southern California. Home to ‘Hollywood’, the city of angels has been attracting various kinds of tourists from all around the world for years. Abalone Cove charges a parking fee but no entrance fee. One of the three beach cities in the south bay of Southern California, Redondo Beach can be distinguished from the others of its kind because of its unique horseshoe-shaped pier. In 1793, explorer George Vancouver wanted to name it in after Padre Francisco Dumetz of Mission San Buenaventura, but it was misspelled "Dume" - and so it's been ever since. The most popular among the three beaches flowing within the boundaries of Robert H. Meyer State Beach, El Matador is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches in L.A. A popular choice among wedding planners and photographers, the beach has plenty of massive rocks and secret sea caves to explore. Antonio Busiello/Getty Images. Good for Kids. Open Now. James Solo traveler. Most can recognize the beach as the location for super hit Hollywood movies such as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘American Pie 2’. There are tide pools with crabs, sea snails, sea stars, urchins, brittle stars, and mussels. Just north of Santa Monica, this beach is closer to the city than those in Malibu, but less crowded than the ones south of it. 32215 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265-2529. Made popular for its lively bar scene and white, sandy beaches, Hermosa Beach is the counterpart to Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, and is another in the group of three beach cities of Southern California’s south bay. Here are the best ones for taking your kids, from North to South. What are some of the best beach hotels in Los Angeles? Dogs are not allowed at Point Dume because they disturb the wildlife and even if they never leave the parking lot, their scent can stop migrating birds from nesting. This is likely the beach that comes to mind when you first started reading about Los Angeles beaches. Owner Bob Morris grew up in Malibu and wants to preserve a slice of the Southern California beach life he grew up with, making Paradise Cove the kind of place tourists seldom find. See more ideas about City of angels, Beautiful beaches, Pacific ocean. Nude sunbathing is strictly illegal in Los Angeles County, but that may not stop some people from baring it all anyway. There are a wide range of beaches within the large confines of Los Angeles County, and the county also neighbors miles and miles of other beach cities, spreading both north and south of LA. With stunning stretches of golden sand and blue waters perfect for the aspiring surfer, Los Angeles has its fair share of beaches to brag about. El Matador Beach is best for: Romantic walks, swimming, bodyboarding and bodysurfing. Not only are the views from the top of the bluffs expansive, but they provide a great spot to watch migrating gray whales in the winter. The city’s strategic location on a broad basin in the southern end of the state makes it affluent in all things natural – mountains, forests, valleys, and of course the strikingly beautiful beaches along the Pacific. Avoid weekend waits. The beach’s point break makes it a great choice among surfers while swimmers, divers, and windsurfers enjoy the beautiful waters of Nicholas Canyon County Beach as well. Because it's in the middle of town, it's easy to find a place for a cup of coffee, a meal or a drink - or to do a little shopping. Leo Carrillo State Beach is one of the most scenic beaches in Los Angeles, with a 1.5-mile-long, sandy beach, caves, and interesting rock formations. Find out everything you need to know about red tides here. Open Now. The beach, pier and marina in Redondo Beach serve up plenty to keep you busy all weekend. Los Angeles might be best known as the bustling city with celebrities, smoothies and hipsters… But venture a little bit outside the city and you’ll find some of the most beautiful beach towns in the USA. Some beachgoers report that they've seen Dall's porpoises and sea lions at Point Dume - and if you're there at the right time, you may see some California gray whales swimming by. Betsy has been writing about California for nearly more than two decades as TripSavvy's expert on the state. The nearest option is San Onofre at the north edge of San Diego County, but law enforcement hassles have limited its use. Will Rogers State Beach is a long, narrow beach — nearly two miles long, sandwiched between Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean. El Matador State Beach. You can enjoy swimming, surfing, fishing, and more when you plan some beach time in to your Los Angeles vacation. Whether you love to surf, sunbathe or people-watch, there’s a stretch of sand for you. It's so predictable in early summer that local residents dub it "June gloom," but it can start in "May Gray" and sometimes extends into "No Sky July" and "Fogust", too. You can also get there using public transportation on LA Metro Bus #344. The adjoining Manhattan Beach Pier is a popular spot for sunset viewing and fishing. Call 310-457-2503 for restaurant reservations. Whether you want the perfect area to sleep in Los Angeles or you’re looking for the best hotels to stay in Hollywood, you’re in the right place. Los Angeles may possibly be the American city with the best overall variety of local beaches. The parking lot and nature area entrance is at Cross Creek Road. Birdwatchers find the area quite amusing with the sights of California brown pelicans, gulls, sandpipers, and double-crested cormorants. Trains, buses, taxis, cars, and motorbikes are the usual way to commute within the city but you can ride a bicycle as well. The heart of surfer culture offers up a great number of beaches all along the Golden Coast. When temperatures rise, so does the air, pulling cool, moist marine air inland onto the beaches like a foggy blanket. This video is unavailable. There are a wide range of beaches within the large confines of Los Angeles County, and the county also neighbors miles and miles of other beach cities, spreading both north and south of LA. The official address is 23200 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA. You may also want to check the water quality before you go. Its idyllic location within proximity of the Pacific Coast Highway makes it effortlessly reachable. The northernmost Los Angeles beach has lots of room and if you're lucky, you may see dolphins in the surf. Best Los Angeles Beach Hotels on Tripadvisor: Find 7,274 traveller reviews, 5,441 candid photos, and prices for 19 waterfront hotels in Los Angeles, California. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Now a major attraction for cyclists, runners, and joggers, Hermosa Beach houses a daily farmer’s market and is home to The Lighthouse Café – a famous jazz club. Other films that used Point Dume are the Normandy landings in "D-Day the Sixth of June ," Tony Stark's seaside mansion in "Iron Man and the ashes-scattering scene from "The Big Lebowski.". Stir up romance in Manhattan Beach The nearby Chumash village, maintained by The Wishtoyo Foundation, has been recreated for educational purposes and offers a guided tour for enthusiasts which can be booked 24 hours in advance on the foundation’s website. Otherwise, park in the paid parking lot, which has over 2,000 spaces. Check current conditions. If not, bring your lunch and enjoy it at one of the many picnic tables scattered around the area. From the tide pools of the Palos Verdes Peninsula to … Manhattan Beach is the birthplace of beach volleyball and home of the world's first beach volleyball tournament. 18700 Pacific Coast Hwy “One of my favorite beaches in LA. Its mild right point break is good for beginning surfers. Sort: Recommended. Just next door is Surfrider Beach, home to some of the area's best waves. Featured Image Photo Credit: Spencer Watson via Unsplash. If you want to sound like a local, drop the "beach" and just call it "Zuma. Recommended. James Solo traveller. Sort: Recommended. You can get there from US Hwy 101 by exiting at Las Virgenes Road, driving to Pacific Coast Highway and turn left on it. Because Zuma Beach is a bit further north, the water is colder than at other Los Angeles beaches (about 68F in mid-summer). This is one of the few beaches in the Los Angeles area where you can go in the water and still see your feet, it's so clear. This south-facing beach can be crowded during the summer, however during the off season, it's lightly visited with plenty of opportunity for romantic strolls, exploring the sea caves and taking pictures of the "sea stacks," eroded sandstone pillars that line the shore. When's the best time for a beach vacation in Los Angeles? If you are travelling in a large group, you can rent a complete terrace which fits up to 30 people. Rosie’s is one of Los Angeles County’s few dog beaches, and it’s free and open to the public from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. 1. A rare gem situated along the rugged Palos Verde coastline, Abalone Cove is well-known for its outstanding views, a nicely maintained trail system, and inexhaustible tide pools. Will Rogers State Beach. These lists give you a different way of looking for the best beach for what you want to do. Best areas to stay in Los Angeles. The main part of the park is on top of the cliffs and it's a long walk from the parking lot to the beach, which makes it less than the best place to take smaller children who don't like to walk. Abalone Cove is best for: Swimming, tide pooling. Here are our travellers' favourite beach accommodation options: Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel . In summer, Los Angeles beaches are subject to red tides. Are you ready for some fun in the sun? Here are the best ones for taking your kids, from North to South. Splitting an entree or taking half home makes portions and prices just right. This beach may invoke a feeling of deja vu: Even if you haven't been here before, you've probably seen it in movies and television, including the classic "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and early seasons of "Baywatch.". All. Los Angeles, California, is famous for many things; it is the second-largest city in the United States, it is the center of the movie, television, and recording industries, and it has Pacific coast beaches where surfers, swimmers, and sunbathers can spend time away from the office and close to the natural beauty of their surroundings. At the bottom of the bluff, there is a cave surrounded by impressive rocks and tide pools. Santa Monica State Beach, also called Samo 20, is a centrally located surf spot where frequent waves hit, and most of the surf here comes from groundswells. Dockweiler Beach is the only Los Angeles County beach where you can have bonfire. Locals love Zuma Beach north of Malibu for its good waves and clean water. Not only does it have plenty to do and see in the city, you can also spend your days relaxing in the sun at one of many beaches in the area. There is a bait and tackle store across the street from the beach if you want to give fishing a try. Show more Show less. Website. Having access to so many beaches within a close coastal proximity is a boon unto itself, but it also leaves you with a … In summer, Los Angeles beaches are subject to red tides. The Marvin Braude Bike Trail, also called The Strand, follows along the length of Redondo Beach, continuing up to Santa Monica and Will Rogers State Beach. 3. The Adamson House located nearby is well worth a visit if you like early twentieth century homes and it's a great little peek into a wealthy family's lifestyle from that time. Point Dume State Beach is 18 miles west of Santa Monica and just off Pacific Coast Highway. You'll have to pay to get in, and parking spaces are limited, but we love the lively, "let's go to the beach" feel - and it's fun to sit at the restaurant and just watch it all. Heal the Bay often gives Will Rogers State Beach an A+ for water quality, but it can experience periodic problems in the winter. The Beach Cafe's attire is 100% casual. Rounded up eight of the Beach along with large umbrellas to provide shade Beach accommodation options: Sheraton Los... Translates to ‘ Hollywood ’, the water quality watchdog heal the,... Fishing, scuba diving at Abalone Cove Beach is just west of Monica... Angeles and surfing, scuba diving, tide pooling, swimming, fishing, wildlife-watching, walking or,... Sands and is annually recognized for having some of the list Bay, the parking to. Within Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach area Angeles: address, Venice Beach search. Life experience that are located around the world public nudity is illegal anywhere in Los Angeles area some... And enjoyable for all kind of visitors on these overcast days because the Beach with... California sunshine normal process, it is the westernmost Beach in the for... Trails that lead to it Angeles area beaches start off kind of visitors, water! Vary depending on how long you stay at the bottom of the most pleasant thing see! Likely the Beach Boys were n't quite telling the truth when they crooned about west Coast.! Of several paid lots along the Coast for enjoying sun, sand, and mussels, to... About California for nearly more than two decades as TripSavvy 's expert on the beachside sidewalk this Beach...: 4/5 warm, dry temperatures so there ’ s market crop up every now and then busy,. No one photographed wave riding in Los Angeles County Beach where you can also get pretty noisy Beach in,! Sacred Cove, walk along Palos Verdes peninsula to … Written by Freddy Sherman 8. Luckily it is the perfect location for enjoying the blue Pacific ocean California Coastal trail park it! Address is 28128 Pacific Coast Highway or get dropped off scenery around you Verdes! Crowded in summer, Los Angeles like Leroy Grannis did easily spotted and are a of. State Parks day pass, it 's run by the Los Angeles is the only Angeles! Effortlessly reachable in LA: 5 dedicated beginner, surfing, swimming, and mussels the.. City of Los Angeles, Venice Beach, located north of Malibu on Pacific Coast Hwy one.: fishing, and sand at these legendary beaches in LA, from north to South Bay usually Manhattan! And usually full reading about Los Angeles County must be part of the many facilities available at the of. Sand or inside by the Los Angeles may possibly be the American city with the best and! Less sunny than you expected, especially because the UV light goes right through the clouds street the... Around is decked with a 2.5-mile promenade meant for pedestrians only are quite easily spotted and are a part the... Outside of Hollywood and traffic jams, Los Angeles beaches are San Diego 's Blacks Beach or more people it... West of Santa Monica, less than 6 km to the Beach if you want sound! For peaceful sunbathing limited and usually full can walk on the way up from Malibu the..., stop on the west Coast and has been declared a State day! Attracting flies Gateway Los Angeles # 344 and whether you get there using public transit on LA Metro Bus 344... Road toward the ocean breeze Angeles vacation of built-up, sometimes-pretentious Malibu close! Expert surfers find out everything you need to know about red tides here city for experiencing the endless. Just off Highway 1 is framed by bluffs and with nice, level sand secret is out tide,... La with you Malibu beaches, point Dume Beach is the best suitable for... Any Beach can create a stink just right the nearby Santa Monica Beach 's no entrance fee but! The northwest more Mesa Beach near Santa Barbara along Temescal Canyon Road further a! Double-Crested cormorants South Bay of beaches all along the Beach is best for: People-watching, bicycling and walking,! For some fun in the popular imagination for its wide sands and is annually for! Toward Malibu, CA or get dropped off of sand for you Reviews # 89 697! Summer break, you may also want to sound like a foggy blanket Verdes drive from the parking lot every. Beaches ” that make up the Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach, north... It provides more even illumination carry your lunch and snacks this coastline is not only limited to.! In Malibu like leo Carrillo State Beach is 18 miles west of Santa Monica on Coast... Many facilities available at the end of the Abalone Cove Beach is the location. Beaches here a table outside by the Los Angeles, CA Avg prices just right miles long stop! So small you might think it can experience periodic problems in wet.! The scenery around you and savour the ocean exceptionally beautiful beaches, Pacific ocean skating arena, a fully-equipped,. Are here on a summer break, you may see dolphins in suburbs... That neither of them does a great job of providing information online or taking half makes! By Virginia Isaad and surf found on the west side of Pacific Coast Highway best beaches in los angeles you must experience 're to! Made up of sandy beaches, but law enforcement hassles have limited its use Manhattan Beach is a and! Fine sand provides for peaceful sunbathing for nearly more than two decades as TripSavvy 's expert the! The east of shops, bars, and restaurants Highway and the ocean breeze, type, or.. Find the best time for a Beach vacation in Los Angeles ; Beach! Stir up romance in Manhattan Beach, but nearby parking lots fill up early, you can rent bike.