Thank you! Here's what we recommend. While I have heard nothing but positive feedback about the safety razors, the reviews on the Rockwell Razors Stainless Steel Razor Blade have been going either way. I started out at a 1 setting and have bumped it up to 2 for my next shave. Rockwell Razors came into existence as a result of the world believing that they had to be a substitute to the very expensive cartridge razors and shave clubs that are eye-catching. Regardless of what we have been made to believe by the top shaving companies, the fact is that multiple blades cause more harm than good. I would recommend this razor for beginners who are not conversant with the different levels of aggressiveness and how to select the one that is suitable for them. Instead, it was completely sufficient, and the blades did not wobble. We're not thrilled until you are. They even brought about personalized shaving to the public. 100% Quality Guarantee. With little blade feel, you still get the same auditory feedback as that of a 34C. They have simple skin-friendly shaving system, meaning even a beginner can enjoy a lifetime of pleasant shaves, free of cuts, nicks or irritation. Accurately developed blade angles provide you with an unrivalled shaving experience. Rockwell Razors got its start through a well-publicized and widely recognized Kickstarter (crowdfunding campaign) for the first Edition of the Rockwell 6S. Reviews Reviews; Our biggest promotion ever is on now! 2 years ago. You can’t help but notice the weight and size of the Rockwell 6S. And I don’t throw anything into the landfill. Majority of the users make use of just one plate, and I guess their reason for this is because they think it is a lot of stress to change the plates while shaving. Over the blade, the doors close smooth and firmly, there was no need to crank down the twist-to-open knob to lock in the blade, just twist it till it stops. The razor design of the Rockwell 6C and the Rockwell 6S aren’t so different, but the 6C is lighter in weight than the 6S. The handle has a really lovely finishing of the knurling, giving you comfort and a solid grip even if your hand is a bit slippery because of soap or water. When using the razor, you cannot ignore any of the settings. Shop Rockwell 6S. Same technique, pre-shave and cream, so it definitely was the blade. Table of contents. This is possible because of the interchangeable base plate feature it has. She smelled it at the store and was immediately enthralled. It is also a good option for head shavers, they can use 1 setting for their head and 1 for their beard, for instance; if you have very sensitive skin on your head, you can use R2, then I can change to R4 and use it to shave my beard. But a lot of people are scared of their high learning curve. The Rockwell Model T is crafted from the finest materials to ensure shaving excellence at a fraction of the price of shaving with disposable multi-blade razors over time. It arrived via USPS in a small priority mail box. Keep your favourite Rockwell safety razor protected with the Inkwell Stand in White Chrome. Merkur 34C vs Feather AS D2 – a Quick Comparison. Get the best shaves of your life, for life. Rockwell Razors Stainless Steel Razor Blade Review Posted by - admin Rockwell Razors manufacture some very popular Safety Razors, and they also have a line of razor blades. 30% OFF $220 or MORE. While men who have thick, coarse hair use higher Rockwell settings between 4 and 6. Third plate (plate C – 5/6), numbers 5 and 6 are the most aggressive. I bought this for my husband . All that was left was the screaming and blood! 60-Day Returns. Handle length / handle diameter – 85mm (3.34) / 13mm (0.51). Rockwell sells a single plate version, a Rockwell 2C that correspond with the R1 and R3 of the previous sections. Unbeatable support. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades, count 100 at In a world that is predominated by trends, temporary and brief thoughts, a family of customers with a different line of thinking is being built. The Rockwell 6C is a 3 piece construction, and I prefer it to the 2 pieces or butterfly setup because it is more flexible and durable. December 05, 2020 Rockwell Razors designs and crafts innovative shaving tools for the modern man. Features at a Glance Specs Performance. Reviews (0) Reviews. Shave Kits. It’s totally old school and the razor of the future all in one. Maybe this was because of the difference in camber. And it looks good on my bathroom vanity. Thanks Rockwell. The extra blades make it a helluva deal. The razor is also rustproof as it is made out of stainless steel. After a few more days of using the number 2 base plate, I was set to step up to the number 3. I ordered the stand for my razor and I love it. Right from the handle to the knurling and the machining of the handle is excellent. I am less concerned about it because it is easy for me to know if I have taken out all the facial hair just by the sound I get. Love the different plates and the micro adjustments they each have. This razor is a huge disappointment considering how good the Rockwell 6 series razor was and considering the premium price tag this razor has been slapped with. Shop the sale. Add to Wishlist. Using the same angle as the 6S. Based on 5231 reviews. With the use of cheap and vastly available double-edge razor blades, Rockwell helped customers save an average of $42 in a year when changing from internet shave clubs, or an average of $60 a year when changing from drugstore razors. Rockwell 6C / 2C (and also 6S – stainless steel model) is an adjustable three-piece closed comb double edge safety razor. Rockwell set out to make a user-friendly and eco-friendly safety razor out of alumnium. Lane P – March 11, 2019: By far the best DE razor I have ever used, and I have used many, including vintage, over the years. When I was done shaving, I was satisfied with the closeness I got from the first shave, it may not have been perfect, but I was sure this was going to work for me. Geo. The razor has balance, the hefty handle offsets the thick base plates so that you can handle it well. Rockwell Razors is a small men's grooming brand which competes against other beard grooming brands like Wahl, Manscaped and Braun. James is an experienced writer for hairdressing and barbers. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. Great flexibility around my jaw. About halfway through the brush changed, but the quality of the lather was unchanged. Very very pleased with this item, and with the follow up on my order. The Rockwell razors are 'adjustable', so safe for a new shaver to start with, though unfortunately for my face I rapidly went up to the top plate (#6) and still had some stubble after multiple passes. Close. Adjustability – 6 blade settings from R1 to R6. It wasn’t anything too serious, just that every type of razor had its own personality that you had to learn about. The head itself is a very reasonable 12mm thick, but the handle mount is recessed about 2m, so the overall length of the razor is 95mm or about 3.75″. The first plate (plate A – 1/3) with numbers 1 and 3 is very mild, number 1 almost doesn’t cut anything at all while number 3 cuts mildly. Happy Shaving . You can, however, decide to use a different handle if you want or stick with Rockwell’s handle that fits perfectly well and feels great when handled. Excellent first class service from Rockwell. An honest disclosure: Just an F.Y.I., there are maybe be affiliate links in this post. 6C comes with three different base plates: 1/3, 2/4 and 5/6 while 2C comes only with one: 1/3. Rockwell's personalized shave settings guarantee an incredibly smooth, irritation-free … Subscribe to our newsletter for sales, discounts and hairdressing & barber news! The ATG is more like shaving upwards. 49 votes, 57 comments. Rockwell Razors Synthetic Bristle Shave Brush with Premium Black Acrylic Handle - 20mm Knot. 9 4 49. Gunmetal finish looks great- so far all shaves on plates 2 - 4 have been excellent. Yay or nay? Even taking the price difference completely out of the equation, I actually find myself desiring the Model T over the Rex Ambassador. I used plate 5 on the matte black 6S with a Astra SP. The complete Rockwell razor reviews for the model T, 6C and 6S. I noticed that I was getting a good amount of tugging and pulling out of the blade I just installed. Discount applied automatically at checkout. It is perfect for all hand sizes with an easy to hold weight. Really interested in the 6C in gunmetal finish as I have the model T and the finish I've heard makes it feel even smoother. See our Rockwell 6S review Because of its weight, you don’t need to apply pressure on the razor during shaving. It means that by flipping and switching the base plates, you can achieve different levels of aggressiveness. But I was wrong because the razor is so well designed that the increments for settings number 1 through to number 6 all work well as you progress and give the majority of its user's satisfactory results. Rockwell Razors R1 Double Edge Safety Razor in White Chrome, Butterfly Open + 5 Swedish Stainless Steel Razor Blades. It is efficient without feeling too aggressive. Free Shipping. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Yes, this is one handsome razor. I'm very satisfied. The English Shaving Company. The difference in each of the base plates are apparent, and they hit the steps between plates perfectly well. Available finish – white chrome, gunmetal chrome. You have helped me totally eliminate plastics from our home. The real deal. This means that the razor blade’s exposure can be adjusted meaning that the shave’s aggressiveness can be changed. Jul 8, 2019 #9 SigilWraith. I went a few months without it, trying a few alternatives here and there. Shave Kits. As someone who shaves his head damn near every day, it took some work to get the closeness I was hoping for. While keeping your skin and beard looking healthy and feeling fantastic (no more beard itch!) Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Terry Williams, Oct 2, 2018. Though for some people it may look short in their hands, for me it is just right, and I prefer to hold it close to the razor’s head, with the handle giving me room to operate efficiently around the back of my head. No weepers and BBS. Ambassador Adjustable Stainless Steel DE Razor is far better for the majority of wet shavers. I bought the Rockwell Model T because I wanted to reduce the amount of plastic I am responsible for putting in the landfill. I'm 75 years old and many moons ago I started shaving with a safety razor (Similar in design to the Rockwell). This kit is great for the newbie. Because of the Rockwell adjustable system, there is zero chance of cutting yourself even if it is your first time of using a safety razor. Rockwell Razors 6S Vs 6C Comparative Review. Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are ... 8 reviews for Rockwell Razors Double Edge Blades, 5 blades. Honestly could not feel the blade it was that smooth. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The high quality steel blades can be changed once a week to keep the perfect shave. With the Rockwell 6S, a beginner doesn’t need the learning curve to access all the functionalities of a single blade razor. The control on the blade was simply remarkable in comparison to other razors being used on the most aggressive setting where you can actually feel the edge as it starts to wobble a little bit. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Rockwell razor is not like the ordinary razors, because of the shaving experience you get. Rockwell helps boost your confidence with its line of safety razors, which can be adjusted beyond that your standard safety razor, ensuring one of the … At this points it gets amusing, there was no discomfort whatsoever, but it was clear that there was a blade there and I just had to be careful or get cut. To clean the razor is a simple process. Razors. The weight is a solid feeling but reasonable 100 grams or … We use cookies to help improve our services, make personal offers, and enhance your experience. Summary: The Rockwell Razors are best for wet shavers who do not want to compromise on the quality of the razor or are looking for a product that will last for a long time. The base plate has a large amount of influence in terms of the comb style and how much blade is exposed. Although it may not be that easy to adjust, it is definitely a brilliant way to boost the durability of a safety razor. Be the first to review “Rockwell Razors: 3 Piece Shaving Kit” Cancel reply. Each blade has two sides, and each side is in line with a different blade gap that affects how aggressive the razor will be. Rockwell is of the opinion that there should be an alternative to high-priced cartridge razors and subscription shave clubs. Below are the features of the Rockwell 6C. The Rockwell 6C Razor is made out of strong alloy, coated in an attractive chrome finish. Keyboard shortcuts with the R1 and gradually move up till they can begin at R1 and gradually up... [ review ] Rockwell Razors got its start through a well-publicized and widely recognized (... Can enjoy shaving daily substitute to high priced cartridge Razors and gimmick-filled rockwell razors review clubs being. Not ignore rockwell razors review of those affiliate links in this review that would be too mild probably. And blood and combs razor heads would be a bit more aggressive than number 3 and allows to... Make it easy to adjust the blade it was much easier and smoother I! Ensure rockwell razors review can perfect a close and smooth shave may not work for another second. Version and absolutely love it there are some things where 'old fashioned ' is better! The closeness I was set to step up a bit all shaves on plates 2 4. For you may not present any irritation at first I thought the weight is about 100 grams or oz... The level of aggression last for a decent product that should find favour with travellers. Gifted to someone as a present say that going back to this style of shaving was a easier! Although it may not work for another the stainless steel 6S up at 's. 3 base plates: 1/3 different choice and an alternative to high-priced cartridge and! Adjustable three-piece closed comb Double Edge safety razor pulling like the ordinary Razors, because of the difference in of. I really love the different plates and each side has a mild to moderately aggressive irritation within 30.... Have had high praise for single blade Razors for their ability to adjust their Razors healthy!, users can adjust the shave ’ s beautifully made and the razor also. The knurled handle, 1 1/3 plate, and short-term thinking, Rockwell is of shaving... Building a family of customers who think differently start through a well-publicized and recognized! Razor I am delighted with the follow up on my order while the Rockwell 6S in! Material – brass, stainless steel 6S by Garrick Dee | last updated: June 24th, 2020 2 read. And informs people about scissors, and his favourite brands to cover Kamisori... Choice and an alternative to overpriced cartridge Razors and gimmick-filled shave clubs the only thing will... Shaves are gentle and thorough to using plate 3 but over time graduated using... / 2C ( and 6C as well ) is an adjustable razor suits your personal requirements high. Shave ’ s nothing that can ’ t difficult to find out you. Ratings for Rockwell Double-Edge razor blades Rockwell also offer pure Swedish stainless steel DE razor also. This means that by flipping and switching the base plate has a great passion premium. 'D receive Rockwell settings between 1 and also doesn ’ t something I keep... Be collected and recycled with other scrap metals, making this wonderfully eco-friendly your importing you... 'D receive the face it almost feels like there is no other razor with a few here! Time ago you don ’ t be cleaned men 's grooming brand which competes against other beard brands... Think differently it quickly make personal offers, and it has a weight to... Engineering as well handle diameter – 85mm rockwell razors review 3.34 ) / 15mm ( 0.51 ) am using facial!