Increase server, services, and application availability, detect network outages and protocol failures before they affect your bottom line. I have a server running Ubuntu 18.04 and I have a Nagios Core installation there. Nagios Server is running in a docker container. At K, we did the big switch from Nagios to Shinken for our complete infrastructure in just about a week. Nagios Core is free. I am trying to install the Nagios in Docker Container centos 8 from Scratch. Configurations. Run; Build from source; Configuration file location; Packages Dependency; Docker-Nagios provide Nagios service running on the docker container and a series of solution for Nagios: Adagios for Web Based Nagios Configuration, Grafana for monitor metric & dashboards, Ndoutils for transfer monitor data to MySQL Database, NCPA&NRDP for nagios passive checks. Listing core components and version we have used in our setup. Nagios server version 4.0.8; ... Add Nagios user to docker group to access Unix socket (/var/run/docker.sock). Hundreds of community-developed addons provide additional GUIs and reporting, monitoring, and notification functionalities for Nagios. Nagios XI provides complete monitoring of cloud computing, web, and storage services. Can any body help in to install the nagios in centos container. 0 Stars. i do not want to use any pre configured / installed images. As you can see Telegram GroupIDs are negative numbers. docker-nagios. Nagios docker. Shinken is basically a Nagios Core replacement written in python. Note: In order to check the health of a docker container there must be a health check configured. Docker-Nagios. The Open Source IT monitoring solution that provides dependable monitoring to millions of users worldwide. Visit the Nagios Exchange website at to see some really cool things you can use to trick out your Nagios installation. Build Status: Nagios Core 4.4.5 running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with NagiosGraph & NRPE. Try Nagios XI today! Nagios Core with Nagiosgraph, check_nrpe, custom checks & XMPP Notifications. How To Monitor Docker Containers With Nagios XI This document below describes how to use the Docker Configuration Wizard to monitor your containers' status and resource usage with Nagios XI. Everything is running fine, but now I need to use Nagios Log Server and the install guide has a huge warning not to But did not find any reference how to install nagios in docker container centos 8. in Centos Apache/ httpd is working fine but nagios not working. By jasonrivers • Updated a year ago jasonrivers/mediawiki . 54 Downloads. Container. The docker host is The nrpe check coming from Nagios succesfully makes it past the firewall. Download Nagios Core. Nagios is capable of monitoring a variety of servers and operating systems – both physical and virtual. When this proposal was turned down by Nagios authors, Shinken became an independent network monitoring software application compatible with Nagios. It's reaching out for host checks through NRPE running on various hosts within the network. Iptables ONLY allows inbound on tcp 5666 from for inbound NRPE checks. Docker image for Nagios. Shinken vs. Nagios. Being a very old Nagios user for years, I like Nagios-alike solutions because you can quickly extend your monitoring tool by Enhance Nagios Core - Community Addons. Nagios Configuration lives in /opt/nagios/etc NagiosGraph configuration lives in /opt/nagiosgraph/et Behold, for I believe I have found the answer running Nagios in Docker!