What have we done to deserve this unwanted change? They're way to hard and I'm afraid I'll break my tooth on one. © 2004-2020 ComplaintsBoard.com. Log In Sign Up. The distinctive taste of molasses and ginger diluted leaving cookie with little of the original taste. You reformulated to remove lead and created dog biscuit in the process. . 80 (23.7 ¢/oz) We are using cookies in order to facilitate your navigation. Meanwhile, I hope the squirrels in my yard won't reject these horrible cookies, either. I will be switching to Keebler today when I buy groceries. Nabisco your product is awful this product is just completely not acceptable. PETITE (12MM) shop now. I remember my Mom would make homemade ice cream sandwiches with ginger snaps. There is always the addition of a sweet ingredient to balance the acidity and sourness of the sauce and some regions do this by adding ginger snap cookies, raisins, sugar, honey or sugar beet syrup (or often a combination of them) to achieve that balance. You took a great product and made it tasteless . Who do you contact? He Bought A Maserati With Unemployment Insurance COVID Relief Money? The new blonde version is tasteless. 120. After some time, I purchased the snaps last week. Whatever executive approved this should be forced! I got a new box yesterday and the new version is TERRIBLE - there is no color, no taste and they are very thin. Nabisco Ginger Snaps are more like Fiasco Ginger Snaps. Certified Kosher Dairy. Nutrition Facts. Total Carbohydrate 23g. Made with real ginger and molasses, Nabisco Ginger Snaps have a classic flavor. So sad to bite into my favorite boxed cookie -- and have it be so textureless and different. Dietary … Serving Size. 8%. To Open: Slide finger under flap and loosen gently. Crush the leftover gingersnap cookies and press them in the bottom of a cheesecake or pie pan for a great pie crust. My mouth waters at the thought of your Ginger Snaps, no wait I just had six and was Greatly Unsatisfied, Disappointed, just plain Let Down. They used to be such a treat! And the last of it doesn’t dissolve. I won't buy them Agsin. I'm taking mine back to the store to get my money back. Absolutely horrible ginger snaps!!! Calories % Daily Value* 4%. good gravy! Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Flavorless, flat discs. Why do companies have to change a good thing? Definitely not like the old gingersnaps at all. The new Ginger Snap is awful. Now, they are pale, thin, compressed and tough now, almost impossible to comfortably eat when dry, and even when dipped in hot tea they remain chewy and tough before eventually turning into mush. Won't buy any more . Plus, there is no way for me to edit my comment once it has been posted. I just googled "are nabisco ginger snaps thinner?" I have tried many alternative snaps but have never had any which compared to the Original Recipe of Ginger Snaps, which I consider to be the best cookie which Nabisco ever manufactured and delivered. “On Nov. 10, 2015, Mondelez International entered into a settlement related to a Proposition 65 law-related case in the State of California,” Laurie Guzzinati of Mondelez said. I tried another brand a year or so back, and they just didn't compare, so today I purchased Nabisco's ginger snaps again. You just lost a long time customer. I have a scan attached showing the new and old cookie together. They're thin, hard with less flavor. pudding mixture onto each cookie; stack cookies, then stand on edge on platter. Here is a great recipe that uses ginger snaps and cheese: Ingredients. A spokeswoman for Mondelez said the company does not believe its products post any health risk. We have changed the manufacturing plant where these cookies are made and have also changed the molasses in the cookie. (612) 244-7160 customerservice@gingersnapsandco.com. Start; Food Tracker. Easy ginger snaps cheesecake. A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that keeping a food diary may double your weight loss efforts. Where is the ginger? 8%. So sad :(, I was very disappointed in the taste, color, texture of the cookies I have loved and eaten all of my life. At first I thought there might be a quality control problem, but then discovered that I must have been getting some of the ending inventory of the previous recipe. What happened, Nabisco? Total Fat 2.5g. If the item details above aren’t accurate or complete, we want to know about it. This is driven primarily by the molasses change from Black Strap Molasses to Fancy Molasses. well I don’t have to worry about getting hooked again, because I will never eat another nabisco ginger snap again. They're the … They're the … I will not buy another box until there back to the old school cookie they use to be! Put a hole in my tooth. Cancel Submit. Nabisco Ginger Snaps is made with real ginger and molasses for authentic old fashioned flavor. Ginger snaps were always the cookies my mom gave us. I have been eating Ginger Snaps made by Nabisco since 1950. >> Want to read more stories like this? what have you done to my gingersnaps. The company has agreed to pay $750,000 and cut back on lead content. Settlement reached in OC, CSUF Men's Basketball Season Opener Postponed Again, Police Pursuit in Hollywood Ends in Fiery Crash, Suspect Escapes, Two Deputies, Involved In Guardado's Death, Suspended For Unrelated Reasons, Fourth Hallmark Channel Hanukkah Movie To Premiere Saturday Night. (I'm pretty sure they would just send me annoying game requests, though, so I didn't friend them. Where is the ginger? Nabisco Ginger Snaps. and found this complaint board right away. Nabisco Ginger Snaps are perfect for tea time or an after-dinner treat. This includes 16oz box of Old Fashion Ginger Snaps. Pat Hammond | Oct 2, 2005 07:26 PM 28. In fact; any recipe that calls for Graham crackers can make use of leftover gingersnaps. Frost with remaining pudding mixture. So sad that this favorite traditional cookie has lost the quality fir cheaper molasses and manufacturing. I have been eating Nabisco Ginger Snaps since I was a kid (a very long time). See more ideas about nabisco, vintage recipes, retro recipes. 0%. I always ate your ginger snaps for the sharp spicy taste. Now they are hard, wafer thin and leave a bad taste. At issue was Mondelez International Inc.’s Nabisco Ginger Snap cookies, which the plaintiffs alleged had lead content nine times the state’s limit. Like so many others, I've enjoyed Ginger Snaps for decades. A top food manufacturer known for the Oreo, Nabisco, Trident and Cadbury brands has agreed to settle a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court alleging it sold ginger snap cookies exceeding the state’s limit on lead content, officials said Friday. Why alter an american treasure?! Certified Kosher Dairy. Sodium 190mg. Fu furr Apr 22, 2016. We are not buying this again. Well last night I opened the box and was SO DISAPPOINTED!! Nabisco Premier Saltine Crackers - toxic contamination, Nabisco Original Premium Saltine Crackers - foul odor, Mondelez Global - nabisco premier saltine crackers. The old gingersnaps tastes so much better. “While we have settled this case, we remain confident that these products pose no health or safety concern to consumers and that all our products are sold in compliance with applicable federal and state laws,” Guzzinati said. I was a long time fan of your Ginger Snaps and used to love them for their crisp full flavor when eaten dry, and especially wonderful dipped in milk or hot tea. Nabisco Ginger Snaps. No I won't play Farmville with you, Nabisco.) Mini Cart. Time for pocketbook revolts???? Case Quantity: 6 Per Case MPN: 00365 Other Info: 180 day shelf life Stock Status :IN STOCK I went to 9 stores and bought all the old style boxes, never to buy again until the cookie is changed back to original! It makes me angry. Kraft Nabisco Old Fashioned Ginger Snap Cookie - 16 Oz. Reply. From the manufacturer The new recipe is bland and tastes like all the other cookies on the shelf. I have been purchasing ginger snaps for many years, today(9/22/15) and the packaging had changed. The only drawback I can find to this recipe is that the dough is like glue to handle. They are absolutely awful now. Nabisco Ginger Snaps WAS my favorite cookie in the morning with my coffee. This don't happen with these thin hard cookies. Original Ginger Snaps Gold. Original Ginger Snaps Mixed Metal. Shooting in South L.A. Area Leaves Woman Dead, Man Wounded; Suspects Sought, Sex Abuse, Bedbugs, Rats, Stinking Toilets For Trapped Orange County Homeless? Not only is the cookie NOT made by NABISCO, but it is made by a MEXICAN Company called MONDELEZ. I was addicted to nabisco ginger snaps, so much so that I had to wean myself off them for a while, they were so so good I just couldn’t help myself, so after I stopped for a few years I forgot all about although them catching my eye in the grocery store every now and then, so today for some reason my husband came home with a box and I decided to eat a few, looking for that same wonderful taste of ginger and molasses with the spicy taste, I was shocked with disgusting taste of something that taste like a dollar store ginger snap, it was disgusting. 1. SO SAD, https://www.fox32chicago.com/news/nabisco-workers-protest-outside-ceos-suburban-home. Get our Free Daily Newsletters Here! Even the aesthetics (the little, wormy pressed lines in the top, the faint caramel color, the thinness) disappoint. Stir in whipped topping. There's no molasses or ginger taste to them. Ginger Snaps. 3 cups crushed Nabisco ginger snaps I thought maybe it was the store I purchased them from so I bought a box Saturday April 16th and these were even worse tasting. They are a shadowy substitute for what once was the greatest cookie on earth. They are expensive, but were worth it! The bomb, the bomb, the bomb! Show more. I remember my Mom would make homemade ice cream sandwiches with ginger snaps. 0 Votes. Where is the yummy molasses? I agree with the others. Your ginger snaps used to be delicious. Paying $5.29 for a box of my all-time favorite cookies will not be happening again until Nabisco (or whatever corporate ### own it) changes back to the original flavors, textures, sizes. Unbelievable for a company as savvy as Nabisto/Mondelez to ouright ruin a time-proven product. I just opened after not purchasing them for awhile. OMG what have these cookies become. They should change the name to “New And Improved” just like Coke did. “Parents need accurate information to make educated food choices for their children.”. The snaps were "a spicy combination of ginger and sugar-cane molasses" and came in a distinctive yellow box with reddish type. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. ORIGINAL (20MM) shop now. Spread about 1-1/2 tsp. We have always enjoyed Nabisco Ginger Snaps until our most recent purchase a few weeks ago. You have lost a devoted customer. Personalized health review for Nabisco Ginger Snaps: 120 calories, nutrition grade (C plus), problematic ingredients, and more. I won’t be buying Nabisco Ginger Snaps again unless I hear that someone with common sense has stepped up, grown a pair, and fixed this mess! Yep, Nabisco Ginger Snaps have a Facebook page. Until today, when I opened a new box. What is the hard part in the cookie. As a career Chef, I don't understand the reason to change a product to something worse. 0. I tried dunking them in my cup of tea which just made them very hard and chewy. I don't think I will buy them again. New to Chowhound? No products in the cart. They are not worth $5 a box, I will not buy them again! Shame on you. Wow they took a wonderful favorite and completely messed up the flavor, shape android texture. Nabisco Ginger Snaps. They are thinner and that on top. All rights reserved. I'm not buying any more until the cookie is changed back. Very tasteless!I grew up with those cookies and it reminded me of my grandma's house. Cookie has to be dipped in some type of liquid just to chew it. Certified Kosher Dairy. I agree with the other criticisms listed here. Nov 6, 2015 - cookie advertising. Report incorrect product info. Recently, the texture flavor and color changed. Ginger Snaps Cookies make it easy to enjoy a classic treat without baking from scratch. For the price, which was double that of the other options on the shelves, they're just not worth it, were a huge disappointment, and I won't be buying them again. STATEMENT (30 MM) shop now. what the heck did you do to my cookie? What happened? Please bring back the original recipe! What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? The changes you might note are color, stack height, and ginger taste. This recipe is from a nice lady that cooks very well. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50. 0%. Manufacturer: Kraft Nabisco Size: 16 Oz. Crunchy, crispy gingersnap cookies go perfectly with a cup of hot tea. Product Title Stauffer's Ginger Snaps Cookies, 14 oz (Pack of 12) Average Rating: ( 4.6 ) out of 5 stars 43 ratings , based on 43 reviews Current Price $39.80 $ 39 . I noticed changes right away. “We felt it was in the best interest of all parties concerned to resolve this matter at this time to avoid protracted litigation.”. Nabisco Ginger Snaps are more like Fiasco Ginger Snaps. I want be buying any more!! i agree it has ruined my morning tea...and the roof of my mouth aches something aweful. It's beyond me how a cookie can be changed so much keeping the same ingredients in the same order. at first, i thought i was mistaken about the size, color and texture...it has been years since i purchased theae and thought i had just forgotten. I bought some with the idea of crushing them for a pie crust. Nabisco's "New" Ginger Snaps recipe ranks right up there with the New Coke recipe. By continuing to navigate on this website or clicking on the close button you accept our policy regarding the usage of cookies. I agree with the negative comments. Ginger Snaps Cookies make it easy to enjoy a classic treat without baking from scratch. I've enjoyed Nabisco Ginger Snaps above all others, mostly in the winter with a gingery cup of chai. Please don't fix something that wasn't broken! There are some things in this world I had grown to depend on at a very young 52 and 11 months I finally sneaked in a box of my all time favorite cookie., ...I open the box I take a deep nasal draw...something is wrong...that smell...where is it???? I've been eating Nabisco ginger snaps for 30 plus years. I will never buy another box again, and I'm glad my Grandma's not here to taste them either. I picked up a box since I was feeling homesick. Cholesterol 0mg. See more ideas about recipes, nabisco recipes, dessert recipes. New (14) from $38.83 + FREE Shipping. Also the cookie was so hard, after eating two I had a tooth ache. They were costly, but were gourmet. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . The formulation of GINGER SNAPS Old Fashioned has indeed changed and I'm sorry you were disappointed with your most recent purchase. Sep 23, 2017 - Explore Sheila Schoonover's board "Nabisco recipes", followed by 385 people on Pinterest. I liked the recipe you had before. Do not buy the new Nabisco Ginger Snaps. Ginger Snap Cookies. The addition of ginger snaps also serves to thicken the gravy. These cookies where my all time favorite. I'm in my 40s and I grew up eating Nabisco Ginger Snap cookies and I bought a box a few months ago that were awful. Gingersnaps should be slightly crisp at the edges with a chewy, soft center and this recipe is perfect! i agree with all of this, although a bit late. Not recommending to anyone. The taste is not real ginger anymore. R.I.P. 0% Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g. We here in the USA have been totally sold out, not only with cookies but almost everything we buy: Deceit in packaging, much less in quantities and pricing through the roof. In protest, I am BOYCOTTING ALL NABISCO PRODUCTS until I get my ORIGINAL NABISCO GINGER SNAPS back on the shelves of my local grocers. I am 69 years young. The recipe is totally different. Beat pudding mix and milk with whisk 2 min. Nabisco brand ginger snap cookies were the subject of the lawsuit. what on gods green earth were you thinking? If you are going to change the recipe at least publicize the old recipe so we can make our own. April 2016 Gingersnap Cookies are a favorite holiday cookie! Made with real ginger and molasses, Nabisco Ginger Snaps have a classic flavor. Zu Zu Ginger Snaps were round drop cookies produced beginning in 1901 by National Biscuit Company (NBC) – later changed to Nabisco – until the early 1980s. The lawsuit alleged the ginger snaps contained lead up to nine times more than the state’s level. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. Proposition 65, “The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986,” is California’s landmark law which serves to protect public health and the environment by requiring businesses to provide warnings if they expose individuals to any listed carcinogens or reproductive toxins. Its a classic crunchy cookie with the fresh zing of ginger and sweetness of … Now I'm a skeptic. Amount Per Serving. California claims that there is too much lead in Nabisco Ginger Snaps. Do you remember when New Coke came out, I do and I believe it failed. At the risk of repeating, my wife and I have enjoyed your Ginger Snaps for well over 40 years...it was her favorite cookie. 0. Do not buy them. 02/20/2019. Here is my message to Nabisco, if you want to cut cost, try giving Directors, Shareholders and Management a cut in your paycheck. I compared the new cookies to my older package which I still had a few left in the box. "if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it!" I thought I could always trust Nabisco. Full of great ginger flavor. I am very disappointed in these new ginger snaps. is this some kind of joke????? Very low tech! I purchased a box of Nabisco Ginger Snaps I grew up on these I have loved them since my earliest childhood and I'm 63 now I purchase a box today got home to find out that they have changed the recipe they've changed the color the texture isn't the same The Taste is awful I will never buy another box of these cookies that's sad because four years back I have begin to share my love of these cookies with my grandchildren and I cannot give them this nasty mess that I bought today. Much to my shock, dismay and lasting disappointment, the new ersatz version of the original Nabisco ginger snap is simply TERRIBLE. Hmmmmm how did that work out? Ginger Snap Quality. The cookies are thin, hard, and almost inedible. OMIGOSH, it's not just my imagination or menopausal fog brain, they really are thinner! yuck. I love the taste of Nabisco's Ginger Snaps. Why did Nabisco change the recipe? You have lost a customer and probably many more will follow when I post my comments on FACEBOOK. Lead in Nabisco Ginger Snap cookies? Well, that and the fact that the 3 dozen 4" cookies I got out of the recipe won't last long enough! The curren cookie recipe took the ginger snap out of the cookie and replaced it with a bland cardboard creation. This is so unfair when you are paying over $5 a box. Sadly...I just don't get it and will look for another Ginger Snap cookie. They got so expensive but I treated myself. The flavor is different now also, spicy in a way but not the same full deep flavor that the darker color cookie used to have with rich molasses and ginger flavor. For best when used by information, please see date printed on package. X. I used to put the old gingersnaps in my mouth, get them moist and enjoy the taste. And now, I love the taste of this recipe! For as long as I can remember someone in my family buy your Ginger Snaps as a surprise treat but this time the surprise was no treat. should have read the old thread before purchase! Live Healthy & Happy. Not enough leavening in the dough making it flat and hard, not crispy. This easy cookie recipe is chewy, a little spicy, sweet, and festive! This was from snackworks... today 6/14/2016 Thin, no color and not the same taste. I can only describe them as greasy and flavorless, thinner and way too brittle, even though I realize they are meant to be a hard cookie. While they still have a nice gingery taste, they are wafer thin and nothing like the ginger snap I remember. This recipe has a wonderful tale. Nabisco Ginger Snaps are perfect for tea time or an after-dinner treat. I picked up a box since I was feeling homesick. Where is the molasses? Why in the world would you change your cookie into this extra thin and tasteless object. 30 NABISCO Ginger Snaps; Instructions. The lawsuit alleged the ginger snaps contained lead up to nine times more than the state’s level. I agree with you about Nabisco ginger snaps. Original Ginger Snaps Jewelry Sets. I will probably not be buying any more Snaps as I agree with all the above criticisms. I was so disappointed when I purchased a box today. The texture used to be rough and chewy; now it is smooth and hard, not at all pleasant to chew. This includes six 16oz boxes of Old Fashion Ginger Snaps. when I try to bite into one, it bites back. Crispy round cookie snacks offer a classic crunchy texture for snacking satisfaction. I notice the differences right away, first the box is different and the cookie was so light and thin I had to look at the box to make sure I pick up the right product. main content. cookies. The settlement requires the company to pay $758,250 and have a food quality auditor train workers and monitor the supply chain of ingredients to guard against higher than acceptable lead levels. “The levels of lead found in Nabisco’s Ginger Snap cookies posed a serious public health threat, potentially impacting the brain development of our children,” Attorney General Kamala Harris said. Calories in Nabisco Ginger Snaps based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Nabisco Ginger Snaps. 4 cookies = 28g. The box isn't even the same. Preparation instructions. The mascot was the Zu Zu Clown. Why the big change to such a previously perfect product? Big mistake!!! Nabisco Ginger Snaps are perfect for tea time or an after-dinner treat. First I was confused about the color of the box because the competitor's box was near the same color. wth?? Why would you change that Nabisco? The shape has changed, too. I want my old gingersnap back. Homemade Ginger Snaps cookies are wonderful cookies to have in the fall and at Christmas. I just purchased a box of Nabisco ginger snaps, what happens? They also dud not have the crispness I like. Sign up to discover your next favorite restaurant, recipe, or cookbook in the largest community of knowledgeable food enthusiasts. Used to be one of my favorite. I don’t know what they are putting in the box now. I color is very different about 3 shades lighter, and when I tasted the I could not even taste the ginger, the new ones are almost tasteless. You have ruined them! It has not been determined at what level lead can pose health risks, but the state mandates a warning to consumers if the product contains 0.5 micrograms of lead per serving per day, according to the Attorney General’s Office. I just returned from Italy where there biscotti"s are plentiful, flavorful and very inexpensive. Nabisco Ginger Snaps Cookies reviews: Loss of an old friend. April 2016 OMG what have these cookies become. Crispy round cookie snacks offer a classic crunchy texture for snacking satisfaction. ACLU Lawsuit Demands Shelter Rescue, Woman Lying On Roadway Killed By LA Sheriff’s Department Vehicle, Man Accused of Intentionally Hitting, Killing Riverside Man Arraigned. No one who's tasted the original will ever eat your new product. Ginger Snaps.