So I’ve never had kulfi before, but I am totally intrigued. it takes time for sure but it’s worth it and yeah I don’t like packaged kulfis too.. The texture is not like ice cream but oh my god it’s so delicious! EVENT: A- Z RECIPE CHALLENGE THEME : AN INGREDIENT BEGINNING WITH THE LETTER S RECIPE: CHIKOO KULFI/ SAPODILLA KULFI What is Chikoo Kulfi/ Sapodilla Kulfi? To make sure your kulfi doesn’t have any ice crystals, you don’t really have to do anything special. My kulfi was as perfect as it can get and I only followed these 2 things! Wow, this Kulfi looks amazing Manali! Love the Indian flavors too…so delicious! Rabri too is made with a similar mix of thickened milk and spices, but it is served in a creamy, thick, liquid consistency. its really delicious thank you for sharing. How long can you keep kulfi in these moulds. No. firstly, in a large kadai add in ¼ cup ghee and ¾ cup milk. It’s kept frozen so it should be good for 3-4 weeks.. Actually thickened milk on it’s own is a very popular sweet in India, it called rabri. Yes you can use milk powder..or boil fresh milk on low heat till it changes colour and then add milk powder and rest of ingredients..All the best! 2. Kulfi is an Indian ice-cream made of thickened milk, reinforced with spices and dry fruits, and frozen in moulds. Required fields are marked *. Yum! When it comes to summer favourites, kulfi tops the charts. is there a substitute for evaporated milk? I would skip the cream if you don’t have regular cream. also add ½ cup sugar. Don’t beat too much. Kulfi (Creamy Indian Ice Cream) Recipe Ingredients: 2 liters (8 cups) milk (preferably full cream. 10 to 12 cardamom pods, powdered. The coarsely chopped nuts give the kulfi a lot of texture. Like in this Malai Kulfi, I cooked the milk for almost an hour. Not saying I don’t love ice creams but when I crave kulfi, I want kulfi and ice cream is not a substitute! And since it’s malai kulfi, khoya is a great addition too. Love the Indian flavours in this! What brand of heavy cream do you recommend ? 2) pour the thickened milk into the kulfi molds only when it has completely cooled down. I just love the sound of a spiced ice cream! 4 tbsp sugar (optional-use only if you want it a little more sweet) 1/4 nutmeg powdered. These days there are several quick ways to make kulfi using condensed milk, evaporated milk and yes it’s great that there are these short cuts because honestly you don’t always have the time to go through the entire process of reducing the milk but if you have some time and patience, I highly recommend taking the long route! I am so ready for the ice pop season! Any way of decreasing the sweetness after it’s frozen? …its my favorite delicious & yammy.. Read on to know about its ingredients and steps of preparation. This rich frozen dessert made with reduced full fat milk is sure to keep you hooked for long as it is immensely delicious and appetising at the same time. isn’t it? Pour this to kulfi molds, steel cups or Popsicle molds. Just add warm milk and mix well. I will just skip the khoya, it will still be good! saffron (optional) pistachios, crushed (for garnishing) Method: This looks amazing. Weather is still cold here, but I so want to have this kulfi right away! After about 30 minutes, the milk will look quite thick, at this point add crumbled khoya and mix. I actually almost always add heavy cream to my kulfis, it makes them very creamy and delicious. Flavoured with either cardamom or saffron, kulfi is a must-have in summers. 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Here is an easy-to-make yet quick kulfi recipe for you. Kulfi is basically frozen rabri and malai kulfi is the most basic kulfi. Before starting the cooking process, soak the saffron strands in 1 tablespoon hot milk and keep it aside till further use. can we use whip cream instead of fresh cream? So delicious! If the milk is thick enough, the kulfi will freeze beautifully. Cardamom is one of those cozy spices, so I bet this tastes amazing, especially on hot days! Malai Kulfi recipe, Kulfi Recipe with Milkmaid, Condensed Milk Let the milk simmer on medium heat for around 30 minutes, keep stirring it in between, you don't want the milk to get stuck to the bottom of the pan. My husband declared it as the best kulfi ever, so guys you really need to try this recipe! Stir the milk, condensed milk, and dry milk powder together in a heavy-bottomed pan and bring to a … Now cover the top with a lid (if available) or with butter paper. Enjoy the delicious malai kulfi! What makes my malai kulfi so delicious? The kulfi would come out easily. 2.Vary sugar according to your sweet tooth. add more sugar if required. Slip each kulfi on to a dessert plate, cut across into 3-4 slices, garnish with chopped pista and badam and serve. Seriously for me, kulfi over ice cream any day. For those still unaware, kulfi is a very popular dessert in India and Pakistan. 1.You can make a paste of milk powder with milk and then add. Transfer the mixture into the moulds and freeze the Mango kulfi for 4hours or overnight or until it sets. Looks so creamy, beautiful and delicious. I didn’t use one because I ran out of the sticks! The joy of slurping on creamy chilled kulfi on a super-sunny day is above all. This is my first time preparing Malai kulfi. Cover and freeze till completely set, around 6-8 hours. These look creamy and very tasty. I know people add bread and all other stuff to make sure there are no ice crystals in their kulfi but you simply don’t need it. You can garnish the kulfi with some more nuts or saffron strands, but it’s totally optional. You may skip the milk powder if you want but heavy cream and khoya is must. Milk powder, fresh milk, peanut butter sugar, and vanilla are used to make it, it is a delicious ice cream made from all the mixture, you will also love it. I’ve never heard of this before, but it looks amazing. You will require kulfi moulds for this recipe, so keep them ready in advance. See recipes for Milk Cookies too. Simmer for 5 more minutes. Once frozen, place the kulfi mold under warm running water for 30-45 seconds and then tap the mold on the plate. The time and patience is worth it. 3.Consistency should not become very thick , then kulfi will not freeze . If you happen to be a kulfi lover and wish to make this summer special dessert in the comforts of your kitchen, then fret not, we've got you covered. The addition of heavy cream, khoya (dried milk solids) and milk powder. Pour it into silicon moulds and freeze for 5 - 8 hours. About Deeksha SarinAn eccentric foodie and a die-hard falooda lover, Deeksha loves riding scooty in search of good street food! Hope you enjoy it Deepali. you mean cream that has been whipped? The coarsely chopped nuts give the kulfi a lot of texture. Creamy and delicious Malai Kulfi is the perfect homemade treat! Milk Barfi or Milk Powder Burfi is a super delicious, easy to make, melt in mouth Indian sweet or fudge recipe prepared using 5 ingredients in less than 30 minutes. That’s a lot of time! Kulfi Recipes, 30 Kulfi Recipes Collection . If you happen to be a kulfi lover, then you can easily make it at home, This rich frozen dessert is made with reduced full fat milk, It is immensely delicious and appetising at the same time, Ranveer Singh Celebrates 10 Years In Bollywood With A, Tamil Family Sends Over Food For Online Wedding Attendees, Tweet Goes Viral, Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale: An Over 100-Years Old Kulfi Joint in Old Delhi, Slurp Alert! Khoya you used is sweetened or unsweetened? It thickens the milk and make it creamier. I’m itching to try this!! I put too much sugar in it. One of the best gluten free, no bake dessert. I have got to try this! It makes the kulfi more grainy and gives it a nice texture. . Remove pan from hear and cardamom powder and mix. These days you gets all sorts of kulfi in the market- mango, chocolate, paan and even I shared a strawberry kulfi last year but if you want to taste the most authentic kulfi, then you need to try this malai kulfi. Well sign me up then! If it becomes thick after cooling, not to worry. Those spices make it awesome! homemade kulfi. Let the mixture come to a boil and then reduce the heat to medium. So to cut short the process this time, I added a lot of milk powder to the milk. * This made 6 kulfis in regular kulfi mold, you may get less if you freeze in bigger container. Loving the cardamom and nuts in here! This eggless Indian ice cream is flavored with cardamom, dried milk solids and nuts! Such a perfect treat for spring. To serve, remove the kulfi from the moulds by running a sharp knife around the edges of the pista-badam kulfi. Oh I am so excited to share today’s recipe because I really believe that I have finally found the perfect recipe for everyone’s favorite malai kulfi! Then add the crushed nuts. YUMMY! Wish I could have one right now . In a mixing bowl, add mango puree, fresh double cream, condensed milk, evaporated milk and beat with help of electric hand beater until it turns into creamy and lighter. Let the milk simmer on medium heat for around 30 minutes, keep stirring it in between, you don’t want the milk to get stuck to the bottom of the pan. Perfect summer time treat. I have never had kulfi, but I love the sound of it. Add milk powder and mix. Cheers, Manali! In all I cooked the milk for around 50 minutes, it should get really thick by the end of it and it will continue to thicken as it cools down. Instructions In a bowl mix together cream, condensed milk, saffron, cashew nuts and saffron. They were not bad but nothing compared to the homemade stuff. The kulfi would come out easily. 1 can condensed milk. In all I cooked the milk for around 50 minutes, it should get really thick by the end of it and it will continue to thicken as it cools down. Simmer for 5 more minutes. You would always find kulfi  on the dessert menu of Indian restaurants and that’s not all now I also get packs of kulfi at my local Costco! It looks like ice cream, but I hear you say that it’s way better? To a heavy bottom pan, add whole milk on medium-high heat. If you have guests coming over this weekend, then bring this easy kulfi recipe to your rescue and impress them with your culinary skills. Hi Manali, Is the khoya homemade or store bought? I am not a fan of store bought kulfi and the ones with flour in them. I love the flavors of this ice cream, Manali! Creamy Malai Kufi is a delicious summer treat! Summers are here in full swing and so is the need to indulge in summer delights. If you want you can use popsicle moulds or you can use small earthen matkis to make matka kulfi.2. We even bought the pack – it had mango kulfi, malai kulfi and cardamom saffron kulfi. * Always use whole milk to make kulfi for best results. First, lets clear what is chikoo? After around 5 minutes when it warms a little, add heavy cream to it. It looks delicious, and so refreshing! Thanks! Deeksha Sarin  |  Updated: April 15, 2019 11:28 IST. You can also use canned condensed milk for the recipe. , All time favorite. How to make kulfi? 8 likes. try this kulfi its delicious. It’s our version of ice cream, basically milk is cooked till it gets really thick & reduced to almost 1/3rd of it’s original volume. Should I increase the quantity of milk powder instead of khoya or can I make khoya using milk powder and use that. 11 comments. To make kulfi, we usually cook the milk until it really thickens. Can I use 4 tbspns of milk powder instead of khoya,as the recipe calls for 1 tbsp milk powder & 3 tbspns khoya.Pls guide. In all I cooked the milk for around 50 minutes, it should get really thick by the end of it and it will continue to thicken as it cools down. The first time I saw that, I was so surprised, like what’s kulfi doing at Coscto!!? Yum, love Indian ice cream! I totally need this in my life this weekend for sure! I love the cardamom in here. * Always prefer crushing your own cardamom seeds in stead of using ready made cardamom powder, makes a lot of difference. This one was amazing . Plus, I’m digging the beautiful saffron threads in there. Once frozen, place the kulfi mold under warm running water for 30-45 seconds and then tap the mold on the plate. The flavorings include saffron, cardamom powder and pistachios for some crunch. Using reduced fat milk will … It looks so creamy. Then the addition of condensed milk does the same. jean chaurasia. I used mix of cashews, almonds and pistachios. I sure sounds and looks delicious. Let the mixture come to a boil and then reduce the heat to medium. Mango Kulfi recipe | No-cook mango Kulfi recipe with condensed milk Sowji's Kitchen heavy cream, pistachios, saffron, mango, full-fat milk, condensed milk and 1 more Condensed Milk Cookies Confessions of a Chocoholic Yum – never tried malai kulfi but they look and sound delicious! Such a nice summer treat. A perfect sweet to make on Diwali, Holi, Navratri or any special occasion! WeWe have some Indian restaurants near us that do this and it is SO good. Add milk powder and mix. The sweetness reduces when the kulfi freezes, so do add the amount of sugar I mentioned. 5,118 homemade recipes for powdered milk from the biggest global cooking community! Note: 1. Wow what a tempting kulfi recipe. Whether it’s your favorite Indian takeout or the regular lentils and beans, these 75 new recipes will show you how easy it is to cook your favorite Indian meal in the Instant Pot. 3. Cover with a foil and gently insert a ice cream … I crushed these using my mortar and pestle and I suggest you do the same. Note: 1. kulfi. Enjoy the delicious malai kulfi! Step-1: Make saffron cream. Loved it every bit. Perfect treat for the warmer weather coming! Looks amazing! unfortunately no, can’t change the sweetness once it’s frozen. This homemade kulfi recipe requires only 2 main ingredients like heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk. Oh yum! Chikoo Kulfi/ Sapodilla Kulfi is a delicious creamy fruity frozen dessert, easy to make and not too sweet. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe …. Keep them in the freezer for 4 hours … Add milk powder (if using) and mix. Once the milk has cooled down completely, pour into kulfi molds or any other container of your choice. For making the milk shake, add chilled milk, one kulfi and sugar in a blender jar and pulse until it in frothy. Oh wow, I’ve never had kulfi before, but it sure is a pretty ice cream! Now add the chopped nuts and mix well. You may insert a popsicle stick in the kulfi while freezing it, in India we always get kulfi on the sticks from the local vendor. What is the best substitute for Khoya to still ensure authentic richness… Increase milk powder or increase heavy cream in replacement or just skip khoya all together, yeah add more milk powder and also increase bit of cream, Your email address will not be published. It’s simple milk, sugar, nuts and cardamom but the taste will leave you craving for more! Yum! Keep mixing this the khoya dissolves, this will take 5-7 minutes. Remove pan from hear and cardamom powder and mix. Well done! Seriously, I want about four or five of these right now because I’m so warm. First time turn out to be Best time. It would be the perfect way to cool off on a summer afternoon! I made it today omg yummy in my tummy and whole family Thanku, I don’t have khoya with me but I have lots of milk powder. A piping hot cup of adrak wali chai can make her day bright and shiny! The flavors sound so wonderful. Thanks Manali for this delicious recipe will definately try it. The joy of slurping on creamy chilled kulfi on a super-sunny day is above all, How To Make The Perfect KulfiIngredients:100 ml condensed milk3-4 strands saffron (kesar)1/2 tsp cardamom powder1/2 litre full fat milk2 tablespoons grounded pistachios. Made with simple ingredients, this eggless Indian ice cream is flavored with cardamom, dried milk solids and nuts! Simmer for 5 more minutes. Recipe by swati dhingra of jakarta-indonesia, ID. Let the mixture cool down completely. Mmmm, malai kulfi! Once the khoya dissolves, add the sugar and mix till the sugar dissolves. 3 slices without edges - Breadcrumbs or 1 cup milk powder or 1 cup khoya or 1 cup coconut milk powder or whatever works for you 3 no - Fresh Alphonso mango pulp keeping the flame on low add in 2½ cup milk powder. Your email address will not be published. I’m having to guess what this would be like since I’ve never tried kulfi before. Peanut butter ice cream recipe with step by step instructions – What is special about Peanut Butter ice cream is that despite rich cream or with a little bit of salt, it is quite delicious. 1 cup milk powder. Just 2 things 1) reduce the milk till gets really thick. I use organic valley heavy cream but you may use any cream of choice. Divide half of the pistachios between 5 disposable plastic cups, then pour over the condensed milk … Especially cardamom, a spice that I have been using all the time lately. Pinned <3. Please note that at this point the kulfi might taste too sweet to you but it’s going to be perfect. It’s then flavored with sugar, nuts, cardamom and saffron (usually) and then frozen. Boil 1/3 gallon whole or full-fat milk in a wide, heavy pot. Kesar Pista Kulfi – Saffron Pistachio Kulfi. Condensed Milk - the condensed milk replaces the need to boil and reduce the milk, a process that can take over 4 hours. Pour mixture into a 9x13 inch baking dish or two plastic ice cube trays, sprinkle with cardamom and … This sounds SO good with the cardamom, Manali!