Freeze it and you’ll walk right in front of the Stronghold entrance. Kick the chain down. You unlock it by completing all of Sindri and Brok’s individual favors. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the King Lyrics | Genius Lyrics You don’t need the wind right now, so continue up the path and shimmy across the gap, over the light crystal housing. At the end of the path is a chain that drops down to the first wooden bridge area. Take note of the light crystal station near the Wulvers location; you’ll have to return here shortly. Across the gap there are Wurms and Draugrs kneeling at one of three dragon shrines. Recall the axe and toss it at the raven to remove another spy. Interact with it and defeat its enemies to collect some Pure Essence of Realms and Dust of Realms. Hail to the King is the final Dwarven Favor in the game. Head uphill from there to return the anchor holding the dragon in place and free it. While you start to fight the looming beast, Hel-Walkers will appear on the high ground and throw projectiles at you. Open the gate in the arena. Open the stone door and walk through. Continue forward into the Stonehenge-like arena, and burn the bramble away from the coffin to collect a Legendary enchantment. Grab the winds and go to the left. Take the path past Sindri, and veer to the left. God of War Odin’s raven location guide: How to find all 51 - Polygon Finish them will the Blades of Chaos then drop in the final key and enter the Stronghold. Return to Brok’s Shop in the Lake of Nine to complete the favor and unlock both Brok and Sindri Royal Dwaven Armor. Then throw your axe at the final bell to clear the C-shaped rune. Continue forward and cut down the fire jar hanging from the ceiling. When that fight is over, go grab the third and final Stronghold key as well as destroying the second dragon shrine. Pick off the Wurms first so you can solely focus on the elf. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. You’ll also find a Realm Tear near the chain. (You can use the hanging red pot to do some serious damage.) The melody of the hymn derived from the British anthem "God Save the King". (Use Atreus to pick off the latter.). After the second key a realm tear will appear and a few Hel-Walkers will emerge. Can clearly see the passage. Before hopping down, look south to find an Odin’s raven in the distance. Wait for Reginn’s fire to subside and then jump the gap to continue forward. There’s a Soul Devourer here. Focus on killing the enemies and destroying this first shrine. Try and get space to pick off the Walkers so that you may solely focus on the Ogre. We’ll take them in that order. When the icy foes are toast, return to the coffin and look beyond it to find one of Odin’s Ravens. We’ll be tackling two birds with one stone. Backtrack and toss your axe at the hanging pot across the creek to dislodge the blue crystal. The people of Azeroth believed that the souls of the warriors would be redeemed and they would stay with the God of War in the Empire of Gods. Take the first right inside, and interact with the Jotnar shrine. That’ll lower the water level. Have Atreus shoot it to clear away the bramble covering it. Collect the third and final Konunsgard Stronghold Entry Stone from the pedestal. Defeat them to get the loot from the coffin, including a Legendary enchantment. Collect the hacksilver on the ground. (It’s the one you ignored earlier.). Head back past the Stonehenge-like area, and use your Blades of Chaos to capture the Winds of Hel to the left of the stairs. On your left, you’ll find a Mystic Gateway. Throw your axe at the Scorn Pole just beyond the creek and cross. Opposite of the dragon is a door with nornir symbols locking it. In this God of War guide, we’ll take you through Konunsgard, where you’ll complete the “Hail to the King” Favor and unlock and complete “The Fire of Reginn” Favor to free a dragon. Paddle your boat through the Lake of Nine to the area near the Forgotten Caverns. Cross the plank bridge, and defeat the enemy there. Take it out so that the n-shaped rune is visible when it stops rotating. God of War 2018 (PS4) contains 332 Collectible Locations. Open the coffin at the end of the path to reveal some enemies. Put it down and defeat the wolves. Defeat it, and you’ll receive hacksilver, hardened Svartalfheim steel and enchantments. Defeat the enemies (including Tatzelwurms) in the arena ahead of you, and destroy the dragon shrine here. Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid Children roam the streets now orphans of war Bodies hanging in the streets to adore Royal flames will carve a path in chaos Next up: the Nornir runes, which open a stone door. Head up the stairs, shimmy across the gap and fight the wolves on the other side. Jump up to the area above, and open the coffin for the Mark of the Element Epic enchantment, which “increases the rate of Permafrost or Immolation gain by 7% (stacks up to 21% max).”. At the end of the poison path is a coffin. Climb up the small wall across from the chain to find a Lore Marker dead ahead. In the area beyond the stone door, collect the hacksilver and health on the ground. Use your Blades of Chaos to run away the bramble. God of War guide: Hail to the King Favor (Konunsgard Stronghold) … Now it’s time to take the right path in font of the stronghold’s entrance. After you’ve hit both, run to the static n-shaped rune, and throw you axe at it. Backtrack to the arena, and hug the right wall. Continue through the path beyond the throne, and open the Legendary chest for the Prometheus Flame heavy Runic attack. When you exit, you’ll have to fight off a pair of Wulvers. Open the wooden double doors, and defeat the Traveler and other enemies. Before you do, look at the waterfall in the pond. Around the bend is a Soul Devourer waiting to be fought, if you so choose. Defeat your foes (the Blades of Chaos work wonders against gangs of icy enemies), and enter the stronghold. The rune bell will start rotating. God of War guide: Hail to the King Favor (Konunsgard Stronghold) … Walk under the rocks where the Hel-Walkers were and follow the small path to the right. To solve the Nordic chest puzzle, follow these steps: Hit all three within the time limit, and you’ll unlock the chest. View Full-size Favor giverRewards Brok and Sindri, Upon completion of all previous Dwarven FavorsFire of Ares Heavy Runic… You’ll find yourself in another Stonehenge-like area. Even tried dying. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can't unlock Hail to the King favor (possible spoilers)". This time venture to the right to find the third and final key. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can't get the quest "Hail to the King"". Tried reload previous save, left and came back. Near the gateway, you’ll find a pedestal to place the Entry Stone. Concentrate on one at a time, and use your bare fists to build up their stamina meter, so you can grab and punch them. Destroy the third and final Dragon Shrine. Put the Windows of Hel energy in the receptacle to the left of the door. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Backtrack and take the only other path available. Stop on the bridge though and look to the right to find one of Odin’s Ravens perched up close. There is a doorway on the left that leads straight to a Nornir Chest. Pick either armor you like, after using the special items, you may by the other set with just Hacksilver. VGS - Video Game Sophistry 69,838 views. The quest is titled The Fire of Reginn and lines up with the remainder of your current favor about the dwarf king. Back outside, follow the path beneath a waterfall to find a Legendary Chest just waiting out in the open. You can spot the top of a coffin poking out of the water. God of War guide: How to find (and use) the Avengers: Infinity … You unlock it by completing all of Sindri and Brok’s individual favors. (It’s the one you ignored earlier.). When entering Konunsgard proper, you need the Blades of Chaos to burn down the bramble covering a chain. At the end of the room is the dwarf king’s throne. Dropping down the chain near the second key brings you right back near the wooden bridges from the get go of the area. Rewards for Completion-Runic Attack, Dwarven Armor Set Recipe, 3290 XP. There is a Giant Shrine to add to your collection. Look over the small stream to see a light crytal hanging above the water. There is a Dark Elf and a couple of Wurms to handle, all while avoiding the lightning from Reginn. Take the red sap from the tree tump against the wall and throw it at the bell covered in red sap. Block its attacks with your shield, pick up the stone that it occasionally drops after you throw you axe at its exposed chest and then throw it back at its weak spot. (Or if you’ve already been there, just warp to the King’s Hollow Mystic Gateway). Left of the Lore Marker is a small shop run by Sindri in case you need last minute items before exploring Konunsgard. Pick the blue crystal up again, and place it in in the receptacle on your right. Grab the hacksilver on the other side of the door and then go ahead to find the second key to the Stronghold. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about … Down the trail on the left there is a poisonous cloud and its source. The entrance is King’s Hollow, which is to the left of the Light Elf Outpost through a cave. Collect your loot and then leave the room the way you came in. Walk through, and toss your axe to lower the bridge. Head back up, and hop up the ledge to your right. Push it to the side to find the king himself along with the items you came in search of. Remove the winds before the "N" symbol bell appears to lock it in place. Freeze the poison and then burn the bramble on the left path and continue into a cave-like area. ), Head out of that room, and take a right. Have Atreus shoot it with a light arrow to create a light bridge above you. As always, you’ll need to find and destroy three dragon shrines to set it free. Head left and jump across the gap just after the dragon breaths electricity. Assuming you collected everything as you went through Konunsgard, you have nothing left here. Hail to the King - God of War Walkthrough & Guide - GameFAQs Return to Brok’s Shop in the center of the Lake of Nine to be given the quest. That does it! Throw your axe at the Scorn Pole to clear away the poison and take care of the enemies beyond it. Next to the chest is a Winds of Hel anchor. Use your axe to break the planks in the water. Head to the east out of the arena, hop up on a ledge and defeat the enemies at the dead end cave. When you see the dragon, you’ll unlock “The Fire of Reginn” Favor. The puzzle here is to use the winds to reveal nornir bells that need to be rung. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Give Me God of War Difficulty Video Guide, Things You Should Know Before Playing God of War, God of War Valkyrie Locations and Hidden Chambers, God of War Valkyrie Queen - How to Defeat Queen Sigrun, God of War Muspelheim - Tips for Trials and Challenges, God of War Niflheim - Quests, Maze, and Items Guide, God of War Dragons - Where to Find Dragon Tears, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You, 04:33 - Lore Marker- "Motsognir’s Throne", 09:55 - Lore Marker- "Reginn of Konunsgard", 01:33 - Coffin - Epic Enhancement "Mark of the Element". The path down is littered with Hel-Walkers. Open the Nornir chest for an enchantment. Continue down the hill, defeating the enemies who appear. Throw another sap ball on the wall about halfway between the other two bells (one of which is behind a fence). Defeat the others, and lift the gate door. Pick up the first of three keys to the Stronghold by the fallen knight. Head right and defeat the wolf and Wulver. Turn around and backtrack to the dragon. Across a small gap there is another fight waiting for you. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. After you’ve collected all three Konunsgard Stronghold Entry Stones, return to the front of the stronghold. After shimming, kill two wolves waiting on the other side . Before you leave, stand to the right of the anchor and look at the rock wall in the distance. This collectibles guide shows all locations in each region for 100% game completion and all trophies. Talked to sindri. Retrieve the crystal and make your way back to the housing. With the crystal in place, light it up to create a light bridge above you. God of War guide: ‘Family Business’ Favor walkthrough - Polygon Wipe the floor with them to gain access to the coffin and its loot. There is also a source of Hel’s Wind. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal Jump down to the area below (you can’t open the door across the gap yet), head right and raise the gate. After passing the coffin and rounding the corner, you’ll spot the second favor in Konunsgard. Before you leave the area, collect the Konunsgard Stronghold Entry Stone from the knight. Continue along the path away from the gated door, hopping over another log. Leaving the Nornir Chest’s location, continue down the path and look off to the right to spot a Realm Tear Encounter featuring three level seven Hel-Walkers. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can't unlock the hail to the king favour". Hit the two bells as they spin around and then run to the "N" bell and ring it to unlock the chest. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. Cross the bridge and defat the Ogre waiting for you on the other side, as well as the enemies perched above you firing ranged weapons down. One accurate version. You’ll make your way to Konunsgard Stronghold, but you won’t be able to enter. Walk across the bridge, but stop before returning to land. Inside is the Prometheus Flame, a heavy runic attack for the Blades of Chaos. Have all three ringing at the same time to unlock the door. Open it up to find a Traveler and Hel-Walkers that need to be put down. Slide down the rope back to the open area where you fought Draugrs and Wurms. Hop over the small wall to the left to find a coffin with an epic enhancement inside called the "Mark of the Element.". You need to use nearby sap chunks to ring the three bells. Defeat the enemies that appear, and open the coffin for an enchantment, hardened Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scales. You’ll travel to Konunsgard for the favor. Follow the main path to come up behind a large structure. Stop on the middle platform and look out over the rocky horizon. In God of War Game we see SIndri and Brok team up again to help Kratos and Atreus forge a powerful armor . Just past the raven is an impossible to miss Lore Marker. This leads toward the door that needs the Winds of Hel. After crossing a tiny wooden plank, kill the Hel-Walker and focus on the tiny pond. Continue along the rocky path to find a coffin with loot. Condition: Complete the quests “Second Hand Soul”, “Fáfnir’s Hoard”, “Family Business”, “Deus … Sindri and Brok, finally together, ask you to find some materials to make a legendary armor. Aim your axe a little higher than the bird to take it out. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. "Heil dir im Siegerkranz" (German for "Hail to Thee in the Victor's Crown", literally: "Hail to You in the Victor's Wreath") was the official national anthem of the German Empire from 1871 to 1918. Above the coffin, in the light, there is one of Odin’s Ravens hopping around. Take it back again, jump across the gap in front of you and place it in the stone door. Near the Soul Devourer is a coffin encased in bramble that has some loot inside. The two remaining bells will spin around as long as the winds stay in place. Continue down slope to return to the poison tower and the entrance to the Stronghold. 15 Favors; 45 Artefacts; 38 Mystic Gateways; 16 Shops; 39 Lore Markers; 51 Odin’s Ravens Stock up on anything you need and then venture out to the fallen dwarven kingdom. Hop across the gap and through the cave. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. You’ll find the other two on your journey through the two path that lead away from there — left and right (toward the dragon). Realm Tears will appear and spit out enemies as you place the stones. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about … Cut through the weakest link to lower the bridge and make a path forward. Hop across the gaps, and open the coffin for solid Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scales. Make sure to grab the lore scroll by the king’s corpse before continuing back outside through the secret tunnel the king had made. There are also some red sap chunks in the rock you can try and trigger with shock arrows. From Konunsgard Stronghold, head left and throw your axe a the Scorn Pole to clear away the poison. Fight the Tatzelwurm and Dark Elf on the other side. Collect it from the shore and carry it through the gate you opened. Next to the rock lump on the right is one of Odin’s Ravens. Hel-Walkers will emerge. God of War 2018 isn't a reboot, but it is set far and away from the lands of Greece that Kratos adventured in during past titles that this game may as well be a brand new take. To your left is a gate you can’t open, so you’ll be heading right. Revelation 16:21 - And huge hailstones, about one hundred pounds each, *came down from heaven upon men; and men blasphemed Walk underneath the dragon to find the last shrine guarded by a couple Draugrs. Before you begin, you’ll need to collect the Entry Stone from Brock and Sindri, after they’ve been reunited. Hel-Walkers will emerge when you open it, so you have to kill them before getting the loot. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about … Hop down, and kick the chain to create a quick access path to the arena you just came from. No matter if it was the king, nobles, citizens or even the slaves, if they died in battle, they would be placed in one of these wooden towers and be cremated. There will be two Wulvers ahead that need to be dispatched before going further. Through the doors, veer to the left to collect some hacksilver, and use your Blade of Chaos to burn the Hel-bramble that leads to a chain. Take the zip line back to the arena where you destroyed the first dragon shrine. Literally the last thing i need for 100% completion of the game. 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The remaining two are split apart with one being off to the left and the other to the right. Kratos agrees to accept a favour called hail to the King … Now inside the Stronghold itself, enter the hallway on the right to find three collectibles. Hop across the log to find a Ogre chilling on the path. Look to you right above you for another Odin’s raven perched there. You not only explored all of Konunsgard, but completed the last Dwarven favor and a dragon favor to boot! Return back to main path and cross the wooden bridge. Look past the anchor on the rocks to find another Raven prime for killing. Slide down the chain and collect the little bit of Hacksilver glowing on the ground. Turn right, and kill the Odin’s raven perched below you. Climb up the wall, and collect the second Konunsgard Stronghold Entry Stone. Meet Brok and Sindri back at Tyr’s Temple in the Lake of Nine, and you now can craft two sets of Legendary armor. Backtrack and cross the rope bridge, defeating the enemies that spawn on the far side. This part of the God of War Walkthrough is dedicated to the Favor called “Hail to the King”. You can now run with the Winds of Hel right to the next anchor point and then to the door itself without losing the winds. Take the left path across the plank bridge, and defeat the Hel-walker who appears. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about … Now take the winds to the right of the Nornir Chest and deposit them into the anchor point there. There are two bells to the left of the door and one to the right. The rune bell will start rotating. SPOILER WARNING: This page contains spoilers for the late game of 44:40. Chop it down with a gnarly axe throw and let the stream carry it down to you. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. Nearby, you can visit Sindri’s shop. Return to the front of the Stronghold and start dropping in the keys. Throw your axe at the wooden dam to the left to lower the water. That creates a path back to the Mystic Gateway and the door to the stronghold. Wolves and Wulvers will attack you along the way, so drop the crystal when needed and show the monsters who’s boss. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. Throw your axe at the C-shaped and n-shaped runes as they rotate by. Continue forward, and have Atreus read the “Reginn of Konunsgard” Lore Marker. With all the loot on the right-hand side of the Stronghold collected, venture around the left side to find a large wooden door. With all three dragon shrines destroyed, go back to the anchor you passed on your way into this area and release Reginn for the Scale of the Mighty. This will lead to a spot you can climb up to where the Hel- Walkers actually were. In the hail to the king quest, in the throne room i cant open the secret passage. Hail to the King is the final Dwarven Favor in the game. God of War - Sidequest: Hail to the King // The Legacy of the Evil Dwarf King - Duration: 44:40. Have Atreus shoot it to ring both bells simultaneously and clear the n- and R-shaped runes. Lyrics to 'Hail To The King' by Avenged Sevenfold. Watch the cutscene, and pick the “A King’s Last Words” scroll. Ride it down. Place the winds in the anchor point and watch the bell spin around. From Santa Monica Studio and creative director Cory Barlog comes a new beginning for one of gaming’s most recognizable icons in the epic PlayStation 4 entry in the God of War franchise. While facing the front of Konunsgard Stronghold, turn right and take the path beyond the log. Destroy the dragon shrine there. Take the staircase up, and hop over the gap. Hail To The King Tab by Avenged Sevenfold with free online tab player. Throw your axe at the Odin’s raven perched there. Before the foundation of the Empire, it had been the royal anthem of Prussia since 1795 and remained it after 1871. Freeze it with your axe and then deal with the Hel-Walkers with your blades. If you defeat all three of them, you can close the tear. Head through the cave, ignoring the closed gate on your left for now. Take the path to the right, and kick down the chain to give you quick access to this area. Take the Winds of Hel energy from its receptacle next to the Nornir chest, and put it in the receptacle to the right of the door. Slice and dice your way down to the heart of Konunsgard until you spy another poison tower. Through the gate there is a wooden bridge held up by a chain. The third dragon of the free the dragons favor is chained up. Turn left immediately, and stop at the dead end. This will fall onto a couple of Wurms that need to be killed before opening a gate across the way. Journey off to the left first to get the second key. Now head back to the room where you fought the Traveler, and interact with the throne. You’ll receive the Scale of the Mighty Epic enchantment, which has a “high perk activation chance to grant a boost to Strength and a burst of Health when Kratos’ health drops to a critical level.”. Walk through the stone door, and throw your axe at the hanging red pot to damage the Tatzelwurm. Climb the wall out, and have Atreus read the “Motsognir’s Throne” Lore Marker. Hug the right wall at the bottom to collect the items in the cave. Collect your loot, and climb up the wall to get up to the level where the enemies were sniping at you. Before you do that, kill the Odin’s raven on the cliffs beyond the coffin. Collect the hacksilver sitting in the corner where the path veers to the right. Run across the light bridge, and put the Winds of Hel in the monument just past the bridge. No prompt. Backtrack and take the path down the hill. You’ll approach the stronghold from its top floor. Go through the cave, hop over the gap and collect the orange Spartan Rage stone on your left. That’s the first of three. (Check out our God of War Jotnar shrines guide to make sure you find them all. Doing so will open the doors to Konunsgard.