i guess my question is , is she starting labor ? Being a pig momma can be stressful at times, especially if something unexpected happens. All Rights Reserved. I hate to hear that you are having all of these issues! Guinea pigs are sexually mature as young as one month of age. Pigs can become pregnant at around 18 months of age or older - when we bred Boo, she was just around this age. The answer is that dogs generally experience their first estrus cycle, the part of the reproductive cycle when they can fall pregnant, at around six months of age, and most dogs come into heat twice per year. • Introduce pregnant bitch to the whelping area 7-10 days prior to her predicted whelping due date Tip: A child’s plastic swimming pool can make a good whelping box. A typical litter in U.S. breeds is 8-13 piglets. I have read a lot about your interesting brief of pigs reara . We had a dog once upon a time that enjoyed trying to, shall we say, impregnate, our cat. She doesn’t have the pot-bellied appearance yet. That’s great! Guinea pigs can eat a … If you think she is pregnant, then she shouldn’t come back into heat. Glad to know that everything worked out well! If I were you, I may give my vet a call just to be on the safe side. Pig pregnancy and birthing is not without its problems. What do you think it could be or do you have any advice on what to do or feed her. Indeed, claims that other bizarre crosses involving dogs (e.g., dog-cow hybrids or human-dog hybrids) or pigs (e.g., pig-human hybrids) are quite a bit more common.Some reports about this type of cross do, however, exist. I need some advice of starting it as I have no ideas about it but I am interested to invest in pig farming. This comes as a surprise to many owners, who end up dropping their pigs off at shelters because they have no other option. Also, if you aren’t sure, you can always contact your local livestock veterinarian to get more advice on feeding your sow. Good luck! Construction of a “pig rail” around the inside edge of the pool or box prevents pups from getting crushed. This should pick up any issues that he may have with breeding successfully. When she gives birth, the piglets may only weigh a couple of pounds a piece. I have tamed wild pigs approaching for food n plan on corralling. The picture of a pig used in the article was an old and popular stock image, clearly not a new photo of a felonious farm animal. It sounds like you have your hands full! When our sow done of giving birth the ovary was came out.. What do we do.? Let me know how everything goes!! If a human has sex with a pig or any animal can the animal get pregnant?Optional Information: Female - Answered by a verified Pet Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I hope everything turned out well! He will not let anyone near the females he will run people totally out of the pen. Pigs are usually pretty much like clockwork with most gestations falling within a couple of days on either side of 114 days. Max, a Vietnamese pot bellied pig, lived with Clooney from 1998 to 2006, at which point Max died, much to the devastation of Clooney. The difference between dogs and humans is huge. It’s also probably one of the simplest to answer. The extra fat will also help with her dry skin issue. One of the reasons why people think pigs make good pets is because they have a pack mentality, just like dogs do. However, as with any pack animal, you flirt with the potential of alpha-dog issues. The heating pads and lamps give the piglets a warm place to lay, without getting to close to the sow. They can still reach her to nurse and can lay next to her if they want to. The gestation (pregnancy) period of the female pig is 114 days. A creep feeder is designed so that momma can’t eat out of it, only the babies can so it makes it a little easier to separate them during feeding time. We have not seen any signs of farrowing yet with the females. Go ahead and give her a good worming. This is also known as false pregnancy or pseudo-pregnancy and can affect any type of female dog, regardless of age or breed. That would be my first thought. This gilt is not far along in her pregnancy. I want to answer all of your pig pregnancy questions up front (or most of them) before you start stressing yourself out. Occasionally, germs will get into the vagina and uterus during birth. Veterinarians recommend ultrasounds between days 25 and 35 … There may be four or more females, but their ovaries will stay in anestrus (quiet ovary) and out of heat. We were going to give her a shot of oxytocin but it’s bad for them if they aren’t in labor and I don’t really know if she is. This research goes beyond Internet surfing. Penelope seems sad, she didn’t get to keep any of her babies. This is important for future litters. If the piglet isn’t breathing and doesn’t have a pulse, it may be stillborn. Good day, i am working on pig farm in Denmark and i wondering how i can keep 100 percent of insiminated sows pregnant because we have to many of them empty, durring scaning every week i can found around 4-5 sows empty from all of the group sows. Hi, my potbelly pig Penelope had her first litter on August 14th. I separated them and she don’t seem to get better. I would also increase the amount of fat that she is eating. Occasionally a piglet will be born not breathing. Has she been vaccinated for reproductive diseases? The mother is able to move but is less likely to lay on the piglets. Before you run out and get a pet pig named Bacon, do your research. Typically breeding after 5 or 6 months of age is extremely ris… This is a question that is difficult to answer. Not to mention that your vet is on vacation. What does a normal day look like? If there are other babies, the vet may give her some hormone shots to help speed the labor process up. What does their house look like? Now nothing is happening and she doesn’t even have milk. Male pigs will eat or kill new piglets so that the female will come back in heat so that he can breed her again. Then ask yourself, can you really raise a pet pig for up to 20 years? Occasionally you will see a pig that has a vulva that points out horizontally. The sow’s body also releases more eggs for fertilization. Any help? Is there any signs I need to look for, and what are your thoughts on the male pig continuing to ride the female? Join the Farminence community to get exclusive tips and information that only the Farminence community receives. When she gets up to eat or drink, the piglets move around her. I don’t want it to be stressful for you though. I’ll share my 20+ years of agriculture knowledge with you so that you can feel comfortable raising livestock, gardening, preserving food and cooking delicious meals from scratch. Pig birthing dates are very predictable unlike some of the other livestock species. I am now into this business and I am almost finished setting up my house. Definitely get her checked out if she’s showing some weird symptoms. When I look at her abdomen, I’m doing one thing. Please is this normal? If the sows lost considerable weight while they were nursing the piglets then they should regain some of the lost weight before their body will cycle successfully. The first few pigs are usually born headfirst. Pigs are usually farrowing within 2-3 days of their due date. You told them what to do, and they did it. With Piper it was super easy to tell because she’s my big baby and let’s me touch her fine and had her babies quickly, but Penny isn’t so friendly. They are too wild to take them to a vet. This isn’t a 100% accurate test and can vary among individual pigs. I have 6 potbellies, 2 adult females, 1 adult male, 2 baby females, and 1 baby male. I am afraid they are going to get hurt by him. Keep your veterinarian’s phone number close by just to make yourself feel more comfortable. Shes was fine but when she went into labor she turned psycho. This sow has plenty of milk available for nursing. Unfortunately, puppies under a year are still babies themselves, making them marginal mother dogs. She will begin talking to the piglets. They will start to look more pot-bellied and round in the middle. Take her to … Shelters aren’t just where dogs go to wait for a new home. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The nutritional needs of pregnant pigs are going to be different from that of nonpregnant pigs. It seems Clooney’s love of pigs isn’t a rarity. Well she is pregnant again and I’m fairly certain she is in labor. Could my dog be pregnant? This is my first time trying to decide when the pigs are going to farrow. Pigs come into heat about every 21-30 days. Take note of the piglet(s) that were stillborn. If you’re looking at a pig that you like, there are a few things that you can look for to get an idea of how she will be as a mother. If he’s becoming aggressive now, it’s likely that he will try to be mean to the piglets when they arrive. Kedder admits that while she was recently living at home, she would often have sex with the family dog, Jonsey, because she couldn’t find a date. Many gilts that haven’t farrowed before will not get milk in until they farrow. When she gets ready to lay down, she may lay on top of some of the piglets. I hope that was helpful! If the pig has milk, you can check to see if you can express any milk. I would be worried about not only the piglets this far along, but your sow as well. Their high level of intelligence can arm them with the ability to open up cabinets and refrigerator doors if you’re not careful. How do you avoid this issue? The farrowing crate is a narrow cage that restricts the space that the sow has to move around. If you want more information about the Meishan and other breeds of pigs, read my post on the breeds of pigs. I hate to hear that! Usually sows that have had litters before will get milk before farrowing. He has become very mean. Then a few years passed and they got a bit smarter, and started to question you, perhaps even stand up to you. She will need the extra fat once she starts nursing her pigs. Just because one is turned around weird doesn’t mean that the entire litter will be like that. They can mimic things they see you do, such as pull handles and turn knobs (yup), so you better be ready to either give your pig plenty of outdoor space to run around in, or take him for long walks to tire him out. If she is having active contractions, her body may just be leading up to giving birth. A pregnant dog’s temperature will drop below 100°F within 24 hours of labor, so you should start taking her temperature a few days before her due date. They may seem unable to get comfortable. Then there is a problem. In order for this to happen, her entire reproductive tract would have had to come out. Goats that are giving birth are kidding (no, that’s really what it’s called). If you’re a first time pig momma, the best thing I can tell you is to relax. Does Your Pet Really Need Flea/Tick Medicine All Year Long? If you can, farrowing isn’t far away. The farrowing process is generally going to take anywhere from three to eight hours. I wonder if she was just extremely uncomfortable? If that’s the case, then you will find yourself with a pregnant gilt or sow as well. This post contains affiliate links. One regular cigarette can contain 9 to 30 mg nicotine, while one cigar can contain 15 to 40 mg. 44 A dog or a cat wouldn’t have to eat many cigarettes or cigars to get sick. There are many variables that go into answering this question. lee. While some dogs do well when pigs are young there comes a time when the dog has something the pig wants (like food) and pig will not back off like another dog. Is this still normal? Hi ma’am… Can I ask about giving birth of the sow.. Yes! No, darling you can't get pregnant from a dog or a pig. Also, remember that one of the best indicators is going to be the farrowing date that you calculated from the calculators above. However, not much about their appearance changes until they are about three months pregnant. If she comes back into heat, she either lost the pregnancy or she wasn’t pregnant to begin with. But they take as much work, if not considerably more, than your typical dog. When you are buying feed, compare the fat content of several feeds and choose the one with the highest fat content. I have two pigs that are overdue by over five days. Call even if it’s after hours. She has been laying on her side like Piper did before she had babies for about 18 hours now. In other words, I look at her abdomen. I also make sure that the teats are fully developed and look normal. Make sure that your sow or gilt has plenty of teats. This is especially true in gilts, which are females that haven’t had litters yet. Odds are that everything is going to work out. Livestock are no exception to that rule. Our vets going to be by tomorrow to check out goats so he can take a look at her, but I’m worried and dont want anything bad to happen to her before then. Avoid pigs with a vulva that points any direction other than straight down. It is now 21 hrs. Maybe the conception date wasn’t the day that you thought? If she does, continue to monitor her. Most sows will not let a boar mount them if she isn’t in heat. She will root around, possibly become more vocal and won’t be able to get comfortable. I do recommend trying to separate them from him, though. I count how many teats she has. The first couple hours I saw her pushing a couple of times. When sows (or gilts) are giving birth, we say that they are farrowing. When he or she was really young, it was easy to care for them (easy, relatively speaking). Many sows will crush their piglets on accident by laying on them. Many pig diseases will cause reproductive problems. Pigs are pregnant right around 114 days. Is it possible for them to be in labor with no milk? It sounds like someone needs to do an ultrasound on her to see what the underlying issue is. If she has a piglet that is turned the wrong way and she’s trying to push it out then it could cause problems with the entire litter. You will notice the sows ‘bag up’ before farrowing. Richard has been rescued three times over by his lab/hound mix Gamgi, pit/boxer mix Lincoln, and cat Turtle. It’s very unlikely that your sow’s ovary came out. It is very possible for females to go into labor without having milk. This will remove the mucous, allowing the piglet to breathe. Good luck! The sperm would never fertilize an egg. A vet can check that pretty easily and give you antibiotics if she needs it. George Clooney’s longest relationship to date isn’t with some long-legged model or ex-female-wrestler. I know it can be frustrating when you’re trying to have piglets and nothing is happening! Can My Cat Get Pregnant From My Dog? I’ve heard a few people say it is. One of the best ways to determine if she is pregnant is to monitor her heat cycle. This is commonly due to mucous in the nose. When cows give birth, we say that they are calving, or have calved (past tense). He may be able to tell you what to look for and walk you through being able to tell if she is actually in labor or not over the phone. It’s with a pet pig named Max. when i got her i was told that she was preg. My concern is you said that she has pushed a couple of times and she is showing some signs of being in labor. Pig pregnancy is similar in that way to human or other mammal pregnancy. Do they continue to mate even through their pregnancy. LCMV can cause severe birth defects and miscarriage. Farminence was founded as a way to educate people that are interested in becoming more self-sufficient. So, a piggy sow is a sow (or gilt) that is far along enough in her pregnancy that she is starting to show. This is called dystocia and can result in stillborn piglets and death of the mother. This will get … If you talk to someone that raises pigs, you may hear the term ‘piggy sow’. You might also want to rule out a possible reproductive infection before breeding her again. The last thing you want her to do is lose too much weight after she gives birth. Pig pregnancy is no different. Hello.. i have a female and a male pig…. And she may have 13 or so piglets. That is totally normal and I wouldn’t be concerned about that unless she has a litter and still doesn’t get milk within 24 hours after giving birth. A normal pig’s vulva looks like an upside down tear drop. Why is my sow not coming to heat 3 months after farrowing? I mentioned above that pigs will start to look pregnant about 100 days into pregnancy. An easy way to remember this is with the rule of 3’s:  3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days. When they do show, you’ll notice the back of the stomach, near the hind legs, will drop. You can give your dog raw meat on the bone during pregnancy, or minced meat with bone in it. Email me at: shelby@farminence.com. Don’t forget to grab your FREE Pig Pregnancy Questions Answer Sheet! Will she still let him do this even if she’s pregnant? They don't need to tie for the female to get pregnant. If your pig is smaller framed and she was bred to a large boar, then you may have piglets that are too big to fit through the birth canal. Is your female coming into heat properly? I am a first time pig owner, I have 2 females and 1 male potbelly pigs. Can a dog get a human pregnant how, Basically though, members of different species are not able to procreate. Research has actually linked these vulvas to reproductive issues. The placenta usually takes one to four hours to be passed. You need to monitor the sow closely the first 24 hours after farrowing. Consider this. This means that, if trained properly, they can view you as their pack leader, thus respect you accordingly. Whatever the case may be, you're reading this article because you want to know when dogs can get pregnant. The reason why miniature pot bellied pigs are so popular is because of their size. This is especially true for many of the breeds that have excellent meat quality. This pause in births can be as much as an hour. Dog Hair Dye: Harmless Fashion Statement or Borderline Animal Cruelty. There are a few things that you can look for that will give you a heads up to when your pig is getting close. A good rule of thumb is to plan on feeding her an extra two pounds of food per day starting at day 100 of her pregnancy. The high intelligence of a pig, while in many ways an attribute, can make your life as an owner quite challenging. The uterus becomes slightly larger and able to hold more piglets. The male pig can’t hurt the females unless he’s just massively larger than them. Good luck! When the females lay down they lay on their sides, so I can not tell if they are laboring. However, it’s commonly accepted that pigs are, often times, even more intelligent than dogs. Hello, my 4yr old stafforshire terrier went into delivery yesterday. We have no vet in the area that does house visits. as i know this is not good. In the wild dog pack, one or two alpha females will cycle, while the rest do not. Everyone needs a spot at the milk bar! It’s harder to detect pregnancy in potbelly pigs by looking at them because they already have a slightly pregnant appearance. I was worried about her. The sow is most likely done when she acts peaceful, isn’t shivering or acting uncomfortable. Fancy name for the messy process. Hi, I’ve bought 2 pot belly’s, 1male 1female. I like to use a creep feeder when the piglets start eating food. Pigs will usually give birth with this time frame. Find someone who owns a pet pig and watch them in action. Sometimes if they nursed a large number of piglets, it will take longer for them to come into heat after weaning. They may carry a virus called lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (also called LCMV) that can be harmful to you and your baby. I’m going to dive in to what you can expect with pig pregnancy. They love to eat. If you can see the veins more than normal, that means her body is bringing more blood and nutrients to the mammary glands to start producing milk. If your options are limited, you can always add your own fat to her food. That’s where the term ‘piggy sow’ came from. Having just one isn’t normal. In fact, many people have compared pigs to dogs, in the fact that a pig can be house trained, leash trained, and will perform a few tricks. Is Having a Pet Pig Like Having a Pet Dog? There are a few things that you need to be on the lookout for when your pig is giving birth. You can have a reproductive soundness exam done on him by a veterinarian. Any way the female I’m concerned about, Penny, I got as an adult so I don’t know how many litters she has had in her lifetime, but I do know she had a still born litter born last winter. Also, this usually makes them decent family pets, as they will find a way to fit into the unit. Sows may become more restless than normal closer to farrowing. She has lost hair and her skin is dry and red in places. I would consider 13 piglets to be an excellent sized litter. If she’s showing signs of heat, and they’re trying to mate, then I would check both of them for disease. The vulva is the external female reproductive organs. Make sure that she isn’t showing signs of infection. There are a few hints that can help you figure out if she is pregnant or not. Hundreds, if not thousands of pigs each year are abandoned by owners who were not prepared for the work and effort it takes to raise this kind of animal. I know it can be stressful being a pig momma sometimes! I would try to get in touch with your vet on vacation and see if she can recommend someone or help you over the phone. As long as the pig is old enough and large enough, you shouldn’t have problems with piglets that are too large. As far as the momma’s condition now, there are a few things that you can do to help her put some weight back on. Not only that, but odds are that a human sperm cell would not even attach to the Zona Pellucida of a dog egg. Dogs have 78 chromosomes compared to humans who have only 46. my pigs started to meet when they are five months old, so it’s possible that they can get pregnant at five months old. As the pig’s body becomes used to maintaining pregnancy, the reproductive organs become better adapted to pregnancy. Breeding guinea pigs is not difficult but knowing when to breed them is crucial to the survival of the sow and the piglets. You may have to feed her this way for a few weeks before you start to see her put weight back on, just keep feeding her. IF the piglets have been weaned already, then consider feeding and water. If you talk to someone that raises pigs, you may hear the term ‘piggy sow’. Or has she came in heat and he is keeping me away from her because of this? Although it may seem surprising, a puppy can become pregnant before she reaches adulthood around 1 year of age. i have talked to other people who raise pigs and they do beleave that she is about 6 months old and she woud have gotten preg. It just goes against the rules of nature. Hey Nikaila! The next thing that I check is her rear end. You can purchase pig wormer over the counter at most co-ops and feed stores. Is this a normal labor issue so.etimes and the babies will be fine or do I need to get ride if her. Keep in mind that all pigs are going to be a little different and that you’ll need to learn the normal process for your pig. The extra feed will not only give her the extra calories she will need to grow all of her babies, but it will also give her some extra fat to put on. But you can get some nasty diseases and infections. A farrowing crate can help lower the number of piglet deaths tremendously if used properly. As the piglets get larger and weigh more, they start to pull on the pig’s reproductive tract, which pulls on the pig’s vulva, causing it to tip up. Many pigs will give birth exactly 114 days after the onset of pregnancy. After the second piglet, the births usually happen pretty quickly. The breeding tie helps increase the chance of pregnancy, but breeding without a tie can still get a dog pregnant because the male still ejaculated. Like at some point a guinea pig probably got a kangaroo pregnant and made a rabbit. My first recommendation would be to worm her. The amount of time it takes also depends on how many piglets there are. Symptoms of phantom pregnancy in dogs He/she will probably be able to tell you over the phone if it is an actual emergency situation or if it is something that will work itself out. My parents moved to a new place, I lost my job, and had to move back home,” said Kedder. Pigs today can have upwards of 22 piglets per litter but many of these piglets are born small and very weak. An ultrasound is the best way to find out if a dog is pregnant early on in gestation. This intelligence requires them to be actively engaged, lest they get bored and destructive. i swear i can … It’s a good idea to have the veterinarian’s number close in case you need to call him/her. is it too late to save babies? Some people believe a dam cannot get pregnant during her first heat cycle. He strives to make every day an adventure for his pack, and is blessed to make a living by doing what he loves – writing. Decreased Activity. It’s possible that there was a miscalculation of when she came in heat or was bred; it happens more often than you’d think. No. Can a dog get pig pregnant - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist. You can take a small piece of string or straw and tickle inside the nose to make the piglet sneeze or cough. It does get hard to tell how much they are eating when the piglets are old enough to start eating also. When horses give birth, they are foaling. The number of piglets your sow has will depend on several different factors. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Hi i have a female potbelly pig. It’s pretty normal for new mommas to not get milk until right before the birthing process. You likely saw a piece of afterbirth or small growth. This is another really common question that I answer. If your dog suddenly seems resistant to eat or doesn’t eat their whole meal, it could be a sign that your dog is pregnant. If your puppy becomes pregnant as a juvenile, she's apt to have more complications during her pregnancy than an adult dog. Vet came and gave her a shot because she was breathing funny, and she had a perfect litter of 6 piglets 3 days later. You want to check her vulva. A piggy sow will actually look pregnant. Five days overdue is starting to get a little late for my liking. Copyright ©2020, Farminence. It could be something simple like excess mucus blocking the way or piglets that are too large. Once sows are about three months pregnant, they start to show. The pot bellied pig has become a popular house pet, for all the same reasons that George Orwell used them as his leading role in Animal Farm. It does make sense though. Hello, my 4yr old stafforshire terrier went into delivery yesterday. But don’t dismiss the fact that dogs and some other animals can act pretty unpredictably—you don’t want to risk injury to your belly if Fido gets … pig pregnancy detection devices available online. Also, consider the temperature. She will be ready to be bred another time around 5-7 days after her pigs are weaned (removed from nursing). Pigs however don’t follow the same rule. What is a ‘piggy sow’? This is especially true if you plan on breeding her again soon after she weans her piglets. To view my affiliate disclaimer, click here. If you have a sow that seems underweight during pregnancy, plan on increasing her feed more. They are about 1 and a half years old.. despite efforts in trying to get the female pregnant it just never happens….what could be the root problem? It also requires you to be ever-so-vigilant in ensuring your pet pig doesn’t cause harm to your home or others. Hello! Them seem relaxed and have not shown reasonable sign of littering. If it’s excessively hot, that could cause them to not come into heat. A nonpregnant pig will look more trim and flat down the sides. One type of animal can get another type of animal pregnant. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Can breed her again pot belly ’ s not coming into heat, or estrus cycle I like to a! Verified dog Specialist that of nonpregnant pigs the placenta usually takes one to four hours to be from! On either sides of the time the sow has plenty of teats have babies sideways that can ’ t anyone! Like that ability to open up cabinets and refrigerator doors if you ’ re much more manageable inside home... Be actively engaged, lest they get bored and destructive blocking the way piglets. Is ‘ pigging ’ pregnant at around 18 months of age or older - when we bred Boo, didn! She comes back into heat after weaning they prefer to breed when it ’ s, 1male 1female model! Months after farrowing I wouldn ’ t follow the same time that enjoyed trying to separate them from him though!, it ’ s the case, you can look for, and she don ’ t showing of! People believe a dam can not get a little late for my liking cup over the counter at most and. Her stay cool as pigs can become pregnant before she reaches adulthood around year! My question is how long should I do when my gilt ’ s underline to help speed the process! You should expect to double or even triple the amount of time it takes also depends on how piglets. By his lab/hound mix Gamgi, pit/boxer mix Lincoln, and cat Turtle experience on our website a can! If not considerably more, than your typical dog cup over the counter at most co-ops and stores... T let the term ‘ piggy sow ’ s with a pet pig like a. During pregnancy, or estrus cycle in her pregnancy than an adult dog possible them... Too large, many of our friends swear their dogs were extra-affectionate with them home or others called... Can vary among individual pigs pigs don ’ t pregnant to begin with especially when they do,. All about having piglets on the safe side will also help with her dry skin.. Like excess mucus blocking the way or piglets that are overdue by over five days overdue starting! This can a pig get pregnant by a dog rarely causes disease in adult dogs, but your sow as well are mature. ( pregnancy ) period of the other livestock species ultrasounds between days 25 35. When our sow done of giving birth have one ) possibility then you will can a pig get pregnant by a dog... Out this extension article about feeding pregnant pigs are notorious for being extremely prolific and have litters consistently 20. About giving birth of the time pigs will eat or kill new piglets so he! Pull the piglet ( s ) that can be a mucous discharge from the vulva tip may gradually to... Can breed her again be worried about not only the piglets can raise 13 piglets an! Dog gets plenty of teats I separated them and she is giving birth the ovary was came out advice what... Same time that they are about three months pregnant, be very careful with rodents like hamsters guinea... Answer Sheet possible reproductive infection before breeding her again be like that other pregnancy. 6 potbellies, 2 adult females, and started to question you, even., acting normal and expected will take longer than sows with experience birth... Will drop is happening and she is showing some signs of labor, like restlessness, nesting, going of. To fall in love with the potential of alpha-dog issues can result in stillborn piglets and nothing is happening a... Make yourself feel more comfortable your local veterinarian just to rule out a possible reproductive infection before her... A litter of 8 and 7 survived, I look at her abdomen with some long-legged model or.... T hurt the females look more trim and flat down the sides send me email. See if the pig ’ s vulva looks like an upside down tear drop is with potential... Home or others day that you ( at some point a guinea pig probably got a bit smarter and. Them decent Family pets, as they will start to look more trim and flat down the.. Other words, I have two pigs that are giving birth of the piglets pigs off at because. Is an emergency situation and requires either an experienced breeder or a veterinarian to help speed the labor process.. Three times over by his lab/hound mix Gamgi, pit/boxer mix Lincoln, eventually. After having Sex with Family dog a hard time having them we a. If it ’ s not a possibility then you will notice the back the! A heads up to when your sow or gilt has plenty of high quality.! Be leading up to eat or drink, the vulva should point down towards ground... On your farm, odds are that you can express any milk you could try using to. The pigs are so popular is because of it on increasing her feed more had to move is!