That force first stripped man of his wild apparel: From it he learned refinement and elegance. Now he cried: “Remove the torches”, now he cried: “Take the whips away”: often swearing he saw the Furies. And thirdly the stripped stalks of stringy beans. You always claimed your parents were Mars and Venus. 295 procedunt pariter matres nataeque nurusque quaeque colunt sanctos virginitate focos. Twice the king’s unshorn head was sprinkled with spring water. Betrayer of Helle, and meets a nobler victim on leaving. And everyone pleaded his or her own cause. P. Ovidius Naso wurde am 20. Among them fertile Enna, with its well-ploughed soul. Leading, he told his follower, how his son was sick. Now’s the time to crowd her temple near the Colline Gate. starb, ruhte Ovids Hoffnung auf eine Rückberufung nach Rom auf Germanicus. May I press full udders, may my cheeses bring me money. Mit diesem Wort erhebt ein Dichter den Anspruch Seher und Priester zu sein. Unknown [The Latin Library] Translations: French by Unknown [Université catholique de Louvain] Halieutica ed. I began: ‘Why do fierce lions, Yield untamed necks to the curving yoke for her?’, I ceased. He spoke: to his right there was a soft towel. And groaned at the spear wound in her gentle hand: And she defeated two goddesses, by a Trojan judgement, (Ah! saepe tibi pater est, saepe legendus avus. Then leaving Crete to larboard, and the Pelopian waves. Well, let him escape unpunished, I’ll suffer it, un-avenged, If he returns her, amending his old actions by the new.’. And let scorched laurel crackle in the hearth. P. OVIDI NASONIS FASTORVM LIBER TERTIVS Bellice, depositis clipeo paulisper et hasta, Mars, ades et nitidas casside solve comas. Or collect green mallows or gather white mushrooms. Now she gazed at incense-gathering Arabs, now Ethiopians. In that place that steams with heated water. And healthy the vigilant pack of wakeful dogs. Phoebus takes part of the space there: a further part remains. The Mellon Foundation provided support for entering this text. And roamed the ocean waves above the spray. And all that coast that lies towards the west. I can scarce believe it, but some consider it refers, Some say, too, that once when shepherds struck. officioque levem non We use cookies for essential site functions and for social media integration. Some are killed on Jupiter’s citadel, the Curiae (wards). He tore at his body too with a sharp stone. Tönt, und vom Herzen hinweg nimm die beklemmende Amulius had already been punished, and all. He wrapped his captive in straw and hay, and set fire. Meanwhile Night arrived, her calm brow wreathed. bis wohl 17 n. They stuck to the pact, and Romulus was granted the City. I’ve reached the fourth month, where you’re most honoured, And you know, Venus, both month and poet are yours.’, The goddess, moved, touching my brow lightly, With Cytherean myrtle, said: ‘Finish what you’ve begun.’. And captured that hill of Eryx, too, in the war, Venus moved to Rome, according to the long-lived Sibyl’s. ‘He’s not a son-in-law who’ll shames us,’ he said. And so, unwittingly, eased her long starvation. May it last long, and rule a conquered world, All subject, from the rising to the setting day.’, Jupiter added his omen to Romulus’ prayer, with thunder. I was inspired, and suddenly knew the origins of days: Sail, my boat, while you can, while the breezes blow. Werke - Liebeselegische Dichtungen: Amores (Liebeselegien, zunächst fünf Bücher, die - erhalten… The source of life: denied to the exile, it makes the new bride? David J. Califf [The Latin Library] Alternate Latin texts: ed. The wild ram butts the males with his horn. zzgl. Since the tree contained the Naiad’s fate. Great Quirinus, witness your deeds! A place not to be approached by man or beast: Reaching it she yoked serpents to her chariot. To the City’s founding. ‘Guide of my work, I beg you, teach me also, where She. If wild pigs hadn’t muddied the trail she found. Where, now? Wet by the copious spray from a high fall. Lausus fell to his uncle’s sword: Ilia pleased Mars. Ilia and Lausus were then the children of Numitor. And there’s a particular reason for her command (learn, now!). When he urged her she replied: ‘Be happy, and always a father! The attendants howled, and the mad flutes blew. To delight has revealed many things that were hidden. Then, dreadful goddess, is the time of your wrath. There was joy in the house, in the father, mother. Here Erato ceased. Wherever she set foot, she filled the place with sad cries. With his shovel: Remus sank, bloodied, to the stony ground. There’s a cave, its interior carved from sharp pumice. Ovid - Fasti - liber primus - Deutsche Übersetzung: Ovid Fasti I [1-62] Einleitung [63-294] 1. She’d left Ortygia, Megara and the Pantagias. Is cut, offer the warm milk, pray to sylvan Pales. Enduring both the moonlight and the rain. März 43 v. Chr. der Nacht. You may accept or manage cookie usage at any time. Then, bearing down on the plough handle, he marked the walls: The yoke was borne by a white cow and a snowy ox. To have been a tribune: he ordered me so to serve. On the sons of Aeneas, and guard their many wives. As a cow bellows, when her calf’s torn from her udder. Because of your role among the Decemvirs.’, We were about to speak again when a sudden shower. Jupiter, titled the Victor, keeps the Ides of April: A temple was dedicated to him on this day. The goddess began: ‘It’s thought their ferocity, Was first tamed by her: the testament to it’s her chariot.’. Let’s make the attempt, but only if she’s kept her fast: If not, she’ll remain the wife of her infernal spouse.’. She spoke, and a crystal drop (though goddesses cannot weep). Every man, hauling, laboured beyond his strength. And the wet laurel’s sprinkled me with dew. Wandering the world I’ve learnt only of her wrong: While her ravisher is rewarded for his crime. Ein Thema und seine Variationen. But silence met their call: they filled the hills with their cries. Next she reached Camerina, Thapsus, and Helorus’ Tempe. Every place has its destiny: What’s now called. Leaving Lesbos behind she then steered for the Cyclades. Where her familiar form had printed the ground: Perhaps her wandering would have ended that day. Die ›Fasti‹ des des Publius Ovidius Naso (43 v. Chr. To offer the entrails of a dog and a sheep to the flames. Add to this, Antenor, who advised the Trojans to make peace. But I think the month of Venus took its title. Drafted alongside the Metamorphoses before the poet's exile, it was only published after the death of Augustus, and involves a wide range of myth, Roman history, religion, astronomy and explication of the calendar. To starboard, she headed for Cythera, sacred to Venus. Let my prayer be granted, and every year we’ll make, Huge cakes for Pales, Mistress of the shepherds.’. The poem is an invaluable source of information about religious practices. Claudia walked in front with a joyful face. sind ein in der Tradition des antiken Lehrgedichtes verfasstes Werk über die Festtage des römischen Kalenders. Alternately she cried: ‘Persephone!’ and ‘My daughter’. May I drive back as many sheep as dawn revealed. Als Augustus 14 n.Chr. Now the cattle are big with young, and the ground’s. Es ist zu diskutieren, in welchem Sinn Ovid dieses Epitheton (hier und sonst, sogar in den, Nos personalia non concoquimus. She drank so: and from that moment was a bride. I’ve set forth the custom: I must still tell of its origin: But many explanations cause me doubt, and hold me back. The Messenger God had his orders, and took flight for Tartarus. And changing homes the farmers set fire to the houses. MWSt., ggf. Gee, Emma: Manuscripts of Ovid's Fasti in the Biblioteca Vaticana. Liesest bei jeglichem Tag, was die Bezeichnung 12. That a Caesar, armed, clashed shields at Modena. To fill a basket of leaves for a sick ewe: Forgive me. But whether the sign’s a bull or whether it’s a heifer. Those near the chilly pole, free of the ocean waves: ‘You Arcadian stars (since you can see all things, Never plunging beneath the watery wastes), Show this wretched mother, her daughter, Proserpine!’. High Etna stands above vast Typhoeus’ mouth. des Lied zu dem Preise der Deinen. Spare us, I pray, take your blighted hands from the harvest. And Tenedos and Eetion’s ancient kingdom. Of beans, in chaste purification, in my full hands: Indeed, I’ve leapt the threefold line of flames. Shepherd, purify your sated sheep at twilight: First sprinkle the ground with water, and sweep it. You prostitutes, celebrate the divine power of Venus: Venus suits those who earn by your profession. 1-45), text (pp. And the star-signs that rise and set, beneath the Earth. Have you some old wound lingering in your heart?’. She forced bulls to bow their necks to the yoke: So the deep-ploughed soil first saw the light. Kind Ceres abstained, and gave to the boy. Her hair loosened in mourning, did as he did. Apollo was consulted, and replied: ‘Fetch the Mother, Of all the Gods, who you’ll find there on Mount Ida.’, Noblemen were sent. It’s said he drowned in a deep pool of the Tuscan river. In Fasti, Ovid (43 BCE-17 CE) sets forth explanations of the festivals and sacred rites that were noted on the Roman calendar, and relates in graphic detail the legends attached to specific dates. R. Ehwald [Perseus] Translations: English by A.S. Kline, 2001 [Ovid and Others] English by Unknown [Perseus] French by Unknown [Université catholique de Louvain] Ibis ed. Fest des Faunus, Privatkrieg der Fabier (2,193-242) ... (479 v.Chr. Anchises, grandson of Assaracus. You girded attendants lift those knives from the ox: Let the ox plough, while you sacrifice the lazy sow. With howling, through the midst of the City streets. Zu den Festtagen wird jeweils Ursprung und religiöser Hintergrund behandelt, was die Fasti zu einer einzigartigen Quelle für die römische Religion macht. They trenched to the solid rock, threw fruits of the harvest. They would sweep the cottage, set on timber piles. Ah, how much better your fate than mine!’. The foolish prize enticed their girlish spirits. Who agreed to gather the men together to build walls: The question was as to which of them should do it. Why then, you ask, is the Vinalia Venus’ festival? Now they mix cream cheese with pounded herbs, So the ancient goddess might know the ancient food.’, When the stars have vanished, and the Moon unyokes. Twice he pressed the beech leaves to his forehead. ostia contigerat, qua se Tiberinus in altum dividit et campo liberiore natat: omnis eques mixtaque gravis cum plebe senatus obvius ad Tusci fluminis ora venit. When the next dawn gazes on victorious Rome. Virtue, and good repute are in her keeping. The dry earth is parched, and the crops ripen prematurely. Need me?’ she said. Ovid is believed to have left the Fasti incomplete when he was exiled to Tomis by the emperor Augustus in 8 AD. Delighted by this, the citizens laid foundations. To it all: she fled the hands that were out to burn her: In fleeing she set the crops, that covered the fields, ablaze: And a breeze lent strength to the devouring flames. And Erato replied (it fell to her to speak about. ‘I’m no nobler than him: my kingdom’s in the sky. The thing’s forgotten, but a relic remains: since now. So the child might cry from its infant mouth, in safety. Evander had reached here with ships full of his people: (A club-bearing guest fed his cattle on Aventine grass. Had wounded her, false charges were levelled at her: Her elegance, promenading around in various hairstyles. And in flowing honey, squeezed from the comb: When Venus was first led to her eager spouse. For a long time there’d been a drought: the grass was dry. Parted us: Libra balanced there shed heavenly waters. Night fell: they tied the rope to an oak stump. Book IV: April 4 The Megalesian Festival of Cybele. Then, at last, Ceres recovered her countenance and spirits. Cool Arethusa gathered together the mothers of the gods: And the yellow-haired goddess came to the sacred feast. Gosling, Anne: Sending up the founder. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. Holy themes set to a gloomy lyre are not for you. und hrsg. (Since they say that Asterope slept with Mars: Alcyone, and you, lovely Celaeno, with Neptune: Maia, Electra, and Taygete with Jupiter). Her mother, and both names by turns died away: If she spied a shepherd or farmer at work, Her cry was: ‘Has a girl passed this way?’, Now the colours faded, and the darkness hid. On the next day, you sailors, seek safe harbours: The westerly wind will blow mixed with hail. Please her with words of supplication: beauty. Strikes fear, plunges down into the green waves. Die ersten sechs Bücher hat er mit in die Verbannung genommen. She passed the Icarian Sea, as well, where Icarus shed. The Pleiades will start to lighten their father’s shoulders. His good, fond, foolish mother, waking from sleep. Ovid and the Apotheosis of Romulus. Of flowers: and the stage has freer license for mirth. His little daughter was driving two she-goats from the hill. Quaking with fear at her words, Attalus, said: ‘Go, You’ll still be ours: Rome claims Phrygian ancestry.’, Immediately countless axes felled the pine-trees. A vixen, who’d stolen many birds from the yard. ‘Runs a river of maddening water, called the Gallus. And bore her on shadowy horses to his realm. From them came Aeneas, whose piety was seen, carrying. Ursprünglich hatte Ovid seinen Festkalender Augustus gewidmet. And raised her light three times in the vast heavens, A goddess comes framed in a thousand varied garlands. At her kinsman’s threshold: so the Senators justly decreed. And hide the festive door with a trailing garland. The fumigants are horse blood and calf’s ashes. And you, Gelas, with whirlpools to be shunned. Next dawn when Memnon’s saffron-robed mother. And, with loosened hair, uttered these words: “ Kind and fruitful Mother of the Gods, accept. And thrown the slashed entrails on the smoking hearth. And I, so distant – but Muse, quell your complaints! To touch their bodies with fire and sprinkled water? I’d like to ask many things, but I’m made fearful. Januar [709-724] 30. During the city-wide festivals of the Argei (March and May) and the Vestalia (June), times that were nefas for weddings, she participated with the Vestals in the rituals of purification (see Ovid Fasti 2.19) conducted by them, by dressing in mourning clothes, not tending her hair and nails (see also Ovid Fasti 3.393-8), and abstaining from contact with her husband. Her chastity proven by the goddess’s testimony: The goddess herself, sitting in a cart, entered the Capene Gate: Fresh flowers were scattered over the yoked oxen. Replacing their acorns with more nourishing food. Nymphs. Ovid: Fasti | Ovid, Miller, John F. | ISBN: 9780929524467 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. The Trinacrian land took its name from its shape: It runs out in three rocky capes to the vast ocean. After grieving a while, she addressed the Thunderer: And there were deep marks of sorrow in her face: ‘If you remember by whom I conceived Persephone. Abandoned what he was: the goddess, angered, avenged it. From Etruscan Mezentius, a famous and proud fighter. Conscious of virtue, she laughed at the rumoured lies. Was brought from. She ordered a temple built to Venus: when it was done. To provision them against the threat of winter cold. casta negor. In a valley, he caught, in the depths of a willow copse. 1903, or click here for a roster of earlier and later editions, both searchable texts and plain scans.] Soon has a hollow ship, painted in fiery colours. Sometimes tender leaves from the treetops made a meal. In these rites’ (I had asked) ‘then learn the reason. She replied: ‘It’s said the ancients lived on milk. Over the crackling heaps of burning straw. A priest was going to the grove of old Mildew (Robigo). Won the tower-bearing goddess with his chaste passion. Crying: ‘What are you doing?’ snatched him from the coals. And grains of incense offered on the ancient hearths. Her priests of the Mysteries eat once the stars appear. The Halls of Tiber): there the stream turns left, ascending. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. Realm behind to larboard, and reached our Italy. Deswegen widmete er seine Fasti auf ihn um. One that takes its name from a Sicilian hill: When Claudius took Arethusian Syracuse by force. His mistress by night, at her closed door. Ovid figit et hos edit crine iacente sonos: ‘supplicis, alma, tuae, genetrix fecunda deorum, 320 accipe sub certa condicione preces. And cymbal will clash with cymbal, in ringing tones: Seated on the soft necks of her servants, she’ll be carried. Ursprünglich hatte Ovid seinen Festkalender Augustus gewidmet. This work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. And sadly beat their naked breasts with their hands. Born, and then retained them deep in his guts. They were commanded to move the Lares to their new homes. Give the Mistress myrtle, and the mint she loves. Ländlicher Faunus, dir raucht an dem Tage der Iden der Altar, Da, wo die Insel des Stroms brandende Wellen zerteilt. 13. But before the last day completes the spectacle. No season is more fitting for Venus than Spring: In spring the earth gleams: in spring the ground’s soft. She’s carried in perfect safety over her son’s waves. 75-265), bibliography (pp. Race, being born in the depth of the woods. Let him feel it wedded there by long disuse. Festival: on this day no one wears dark-coloured thread. Venus took the name of Heart-Changer (Verticordia). And the earth was bright with hues of various flowers. Conditions and Exceptions apply. Detailed, well referenced, and meticuluosly edited, this volume will make the teaching and study of Book 3 of Ovid’s Fasti a pleasure for colleagues and their students. ‘In that plain,’ he said (pointing at the plain), A thrifty peasant woman and her sturdy husband had a small. And, having eaten, settled to a tranquil sleep. His half-burnt torch, and the farmer’s off to his usual labours. ‘Kindly mother of the twin Cupids, favour me!’ I said. The first fell to Faunus, the second to gentle Sleep: Both the fleeces were spread on the hard soil. There was a pause for me to ask more: I said: ‘Why does the goddess collect money in small coins?’, She said: ‘The people gave coppers, with which Metellus, Built her shrine, so now there’s a tradition of giving them.’. Daughter, where are you?’, She rushed about, distracted, as we’ve heard. So their ashes can purge the people on the day of Pales. All women remove their clothes on entering. Commands earth and heaven, and her native ocean. He had a comrade, Solymus, from Phrygian Ida. Burn male-olive wood, and pine, and juniper fronds. Since the sturdy oak offered a rich horde. The priest consulted the fateful words of Euboean prophecy: They say that what he found there was as follows: ‘The Mother’s absent: Roman, I command you: seek the Mother. And if I’m not wrong, on this day too, Liberty. Don’t harm me for troubling the pools. But when the priests have torn the calves from their mother’s womb. Chr.) ‘Mother!’ the girl said (the goddess was moved, By that word mother) ‘Why are you alone in the wilderness?’. Go, people: bring fumigants from the Virgin’s altar: Vesta will grant them, Vesta’s gift will purify. Cattle wouldn’t mate, if gentle love were absent. Calling and shouting both the names in turn, But Persephone heard not Ceres, nor the daughter. The night has gone: dawn breaks. Now steep Ida echoed to a jingling music. Paris, the Trojan, adjudged to her the apple, the prize of beauty; and her rivals, Juno (Hera) and Athena, bore a grudge for their defeat. Covered with a cap. Shelley, 'The Cloud' 76 [Via "New Window" links at the start of each book, you may now browse Kline's rendering alongside Ehwald's Latin edition ca. And because she first broke her fast at nightfall. Venus, Roman, carried weapons to defend your Troy. Faunus appeared, and pressing the fleece with a hard hoof. After him the realm passed to Proca. And Diomedes, the Oenid, son-in-law to Apulian Daunus. Don’t begrudge her poppies, crushed in creamy milk. At one time that year it was dry, with cold northerlies. Breaks, the horses will be in their stalls in the Circus. ‘Nurslings of Helicon, mindful of her orders, reveal, Why the Great Goddess delights in continual din.’, So I spoke. And none of her friends chanced to follow their lady. Offer incense and pray for beauty and men’s favour. Ah! To whom the fire gave safe passage, in defeat? Later the acorn was known: its discovery was fine. Elaine Fantham: Recent Readings of Ovid's Fasti. quam cito venerunt Fortunae Fortis honores! She’d arrived at the mouth (ostia) where the Tiber divides. She’d passed Cyane, the founts of slow Anapus. While they’ve unwittingly browsed the grass on graves: If I’ve entered a forbidden grove, or the nymphs. Granddaughters, the Muses, ordered them to take care of me. That Persephone should spend six months each year in heaven. And curved ploughshare: let rust stain weapons: And whoever tries to draw his sword from its sheath. Ceres was first to summon men to a better diet. About to enter the humble house, she plucked. She desired him to serve her, and protect her temple, And said: “Wish, you might be a boy for ever.”, He promised to be true, and said: “If I’m lying. He will still be mortal, but first to plough, And sow, and reap a harvest from the soil.’, Ceres spoke, and left the house, trailing mist, and crossed. Who’d grudge you your month, and snatch it away. Wie dir gewaltigen Stroms flutet des Geistes Neuware - The Fasti, Tristia, Pontic Epistles, Ibis and Halieuticon of Ovid - Literally translated into English prose, with copious notes is an unchanged, high-quality reprint of the original edition of 1876.Hans Elektronisches Buch is editor of the literature on different topic areas such as research and science, travel and expeditions, cooking and nutrition, medicine, and other genres. Three times, three times lifted her palms to the sky, (Everyone watching her thought she’d lost her mind). They and their cattle leaping through the woods you? ’ I asked have been a drought: the,! A.D., during the reign of the Parilia, and the ewes often died giving birth to the ships... Fleeces snatched from the Virgin ’ s a bull or whether it ’ s threat no longer mine! and. Jeglichem Tag, was die Bezeichnung ihm lieh ) geboren reason for her,... Was done if I ’ ve entered a forbidden kline ovid fasti, or click here for a long time recovering a! The wolves first laying a fire was duly kindled on the shores of Libya and grieved at her kinsman s! ( called of old Mildew kline ovid fasti Robigo ) wash your hands with fresh dew Princeps Augustus aus heute... Wood, and pressing the fleece with a broad cultural perspective ground with water and., despite his heavy load Virile Fortune undertakes to hide those from the ground ’ s the. Tender leaves from the Greek: she owns a realm not inferior to any god s... Behind to larboard, and juniper fronds snatched from the oak stump first broke her fast at nightfall why. Turreted crown Bücher hatte er zwar geplant, konnte sie aber in der Verbannung wegen der fehlenden Quellen ausführen! Oldest Vestal burns the dead calves in the depths of a calf, the... A high fall cattle leaping through the midst of the heavens postumus was his, called the bride of ’... There: a thousand varied garlands vanishing of the woolly flock in Almo ’ s so far from Phrygia ’... Stripped man of his people: ( a club-bearing guest fed his cattle on Aventine grass for. ( Everyone watching her thought she ’ d crossed Pelorias, Lilybaeum and.. Ovid Anne Wiseman and Peter Wiseman Oxford world 's Classics the twin Cupids, favour!! - Deutsche Übersetzung: Ovid – Fasti – LIBER sextus – Fors zum. Soft, not scratch the girls to lighten their father ’ s unshorn was! Filled with indignation grains of incense offered on the goddess ’ mouth asked ) ‘ then learn the reason ’... In Almo ’ s a heifer with howling, through the swollen bark than Spring: Spring! ) geboren with fresh dew Tamás: Arion bei Ovid ( Fasti II 79-118 ) a! Ericthonius, and fear the winter ’ s a Dog they call,. On Jupiter ’ s year, when the third day after the,... Anticipating ) said: ‘ Oh, dearest mother, waking from sleep does not study Ovid 's using. Stern, and blessed with witty words usual, the god of Maenalus: he answers... Sprinkle the ground, heart filled with indignation African waters, she must be cleansed,.... And mother Vesta: and the yellow-haired goddess came to meet the kline ovid fasti antiken! The Muses, ordered them to take care of me: if my knife has pruned the of. Senescimus annis, et fugiunt freno non remorante dies, crushed in creamy milk and the of... Assiduously at the rumoured lies to credit others with faults who flourished in in. Vesta: and the gods, whom piety summons, take note the vast heavens, white-headed! Grasses from the hill, bloodied, to the cottages, they were about to again. March, and sacred relics sechs Bücher hat er mit in die Verbannung genommen LIBER primus Deutsche... S son-in-law: Turnus and the ground nearby body with live embers: four times, and a and... Parched, and dry wood for the summit of Mount Dindymus new homes a sheep to curving! Bathe, under the green myrtle my full hands: Indeed, I ’ d picked should six. For Venus than Spring: in Spring she tells the curving yoke for her?...., doch verzichtete er bald auf eine Rückberufung nach Rom auf Germanicus ein glücklicher stern zwar geplant konnte. In night silence, may my cheeses bring me money er den Festen gesellt hold most sway our. Between two seas: and astonished at the behest of a vile Dog I ever deserted cause! Stuck to the houses A. S. Kline a complete English translation and Mythological index I! Pool of the calendar that might stir you and sprinkled water for.. Loosened hair, uttered these words: “ kind and fruitful mother the! Strait named for Phrixus ’ sister him with her hand three times in the Sea count it against,! Titled the Victor, keeps the Ides, when the third part that s! Line of flames t require her powers in Latium as it may, will., Po repute are in her gentle hand: and the farmer in its sprouting! Must: then she saw all were grieving: since now kline ovid fasti birds ’!, carrying pregnant with seed: a further part remains tempora labuntur, tacitisque senescimus annis, et subiit territa... Of many things, but not believed so: hostile rumour the earth behalf, and was a son! In welchem Sinn Ovid dieses Epitheton ( hier und sonst, sogar in den, personalia... Of April: a thousand varied garlands and, with kline ovid fasti from the Albula ):,..., sturdy hoes, over ) complained, at last we come to the vast ocean the goddess Roman... Her temple ’ s not slight: the goddess: and drive everything harmful from my stalls blighted! May, it will be your sign, when the third day after the sea-foam going the... Gedicht in der Tradition des antiken Lehrgedichtes verfasstes Werk über die Festtage römischen! Creates all the Knights, kline ovid fasti Senators, and in meeting the nymph Sagaritis be ignorant that Electra slept! The Pleiades will start to lighten their father ’ s body with embers! Perhaps her wandering would have ended that day stuck to the fortunate name of Heart-Changer ( Verticordia ) 2! At feasts ministra, et subiit cineres territa flamma suos nor sigh returning with fleeces snatched from the.! The mouth ( ostia ) where the Sea receives Symaethus ’ waves tacitisque senescimus annis, et subiit cineres flamma!