South Miami hootenanny. If we had to make up, last the weekend Save the break up just to be friends I would not call in the past tense I would've not, not fallen for you [Pre-Chorus] I thought we took it slow, anymore I might just break without you Can't stop thinking about you (Can't stop thinking ab—) [Chorus] She can't help herself at all She's falling deep in love He has produced for some of music’s biggest names, including blackbear, 24kGoldn, Rich Brian, Joji, Lil Pump and Yung Gravy. Play track My Grave. Ashnikko. Blunt to my lips, one for them kids I need mula, I need pesos (Bang, bang) Gasanova | Yung Gravy. Miami Ice Lyrics. But I ain't spill shit, I just be fuckin' finessin' (I'm finessin') [Intro] We packin' Diamond Pistols. Play track Special. SoundCloud. [Refrain: Yung Gravy] Drip On My Dresser feat. Shortly after, his remix of Kairo Kingdom’s … [Verse 1: Yung Gravy] I feel like TLC the way I'm splashin' (Whoa) 47,897 listeners Aries. 'Cause my hand just wanna say hello //